There (1996). She has found that people

are two major models which related with internet addiction (Yellow & Marks,
2007). Those models are the impulsive control disorder and the cognitive behavioural
model. The impulsive control disorder was found by Young (1996). She has found
that people who suffer internet addiction show same symptoms with people who
suffer with gambling obsession as well as drug and alcohol addiction.
Therefore, Young (1996) has analysed that internet addiction as a type of
impulsive control disorder. Young (1998) also categorized five types of
internet addiction; cyber porn (addicted at watching porn and videos with
sexual contains), cyber relationship (addicted at creating relationship online
rather than interact in real life), online gambling, auctions or obsessive trading,
and game playing or programming (addicted playing with computer using internet).

cognitive-behavioural model was created by Davis (2001). He has categorized two
groups of internet-addicted users; specified problematic internet users and
generalized problematic internet users. Specified problematic internet users
are people who are interested by the specific services/contents while
generalized problematic internet users are interested with the internet itself.
Davis himself has argued that generalized problematic internet users are more
at risk rather than specified problematic internet users. This is because the
specified problematic internet users will be able to stop using internet if
they find another alternative to find the contents/ services they want but
generalized problematic internet users will keep using internet regardless of

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Davis (2001) has
also proposed that internet uses as a vehicle for its contents, and he carried
on the concept of problematic use by proposing a “cognitive behavioural model
of pathological internet use”. He also argued that pathological internet use
(PIU) happens when pre-existing psychological problems such as depression, social
anxiety and maladaptive cognitions to the self and to the world are connected
with behaviours that reinforce or  retain
the maladaptive response. In the model of pathological internet use, Davis
(2001) has stated that there are two types of pathological users; Specific
Pathological Internet Use (SPIU) and Generalized Pathological Internet Use
(GPIU). SPIU is the type that use too much of specific contents of internet
like pornography while GPIU is the type that use too much of the internet


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