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There have been two important factors that influence the buying behavior of best buy are lowest new price and value addition to the product.

Undoubtedly, these two attributes in a product are mostly seek by customers, so Best Buy marketing professionals plays around with this important and triggering psyche of customer. Whenever a customer look for a product of their own choice or they are influenced by some product at the moment and decide to purchase it then there are definitely some factors behind it which persuade a customer to make a positive purchasing decision (Elberse, et al., 2005).There is a whole 5 stages model given by Kotler (2012) which underpin different behavior of customers at different stages of buying process.In case of best buy 3 out of 5 stages have been observed such as, at the first place customers have identified the problem, which makes the basis of need due to which customer wants to buy some product or service. Obviously, it is problem, some need or want which makes a customer to get attracted to some customer and make up their mind to have a purchase decision towards it.Secondly, then there is alternative options stage, in which customers have more than one option and they just have to pick between the options so that products offered by Best Buy have more comprehensive and demanded features so customers preferred its products over other competitors.

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Then there is finally purchase decision, which is most important and actual stage of purchase decision observed in best buy case as people opted for its products (Kotler & Keller, 2012; Kotler, 2012).Talking about the sell strategy of Best Buy, which makes it classify its customers into devils and angles has undoubtedly boosted the sale of products and the response noted from the customers was also positive. It is actually a customer centric approach, which makes an organization to focus on needs and expectations of customers from service providers. I believe that customer-centric approach is not only beneficial for customers, but it is profitable for the company as well as more and more customers are attracted towards the deals and value additions made in the products.

If I would have worked for Best Buy then I might have not suggested nor supported this strategy of classifying the customers because I believe that for an organization all customers are same. And a good organization must not measure the potential of customer through profit making. Rather focus on quality improvement of the product and understanding distinct needs of customers I believe are more important (Cochran, 2006). Cross cultural needs have to be understood to gain fame at the global level because all customers are different from each other and they have different brand preferences due to difference in product features or attributes (Pitta, et al., 1999; Steers & Nardon, 2016).

Hence, I believe in treating all customers in a same manner because some customers get profits while some customer can get the business professionals learning and understand to current trend and culture, which can accelerate their business if understood in an explicit manner.


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