There of methodologies that solely focus on

There has been a significant increase in the adaption of Lean methodologies in the manufacturing companies in the west in recent years.

Time and time again Lean way of production has been proven to be a successful model for manufacturing and related industries. Lean is a set of methodologies that solely focus on adding value to the customers by identifying and eliminating waste, i.e., eliminating those which does not add value to the customers.

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Lean manufacturing has its beginning in Toyota that grew at Japan in the automotive sector after the second world war 1. Because of the huge success of Toyota internationally, western world began to study and emulate the production system that was employed at Toyota. Even though Lean is set of ‘tools’ that aims in improving the efficiency of a manufacturing company, it does not stop with that. There is much more to Lean techniques than mere methods and practices, Lean techniques not only impacts the production line and shop-floors, but it impacts the entire organization.

Over all, Lean uses less resources, less time, less space, less human efforts, less materials to produce maximum output that satisfies the exact customer needs 2.When a company tries to adapt Lean techniques, it can be quite challenging one. Implementation of Lean is a very crucial phase for a company. Since it determines the successful execution of Lean. There are many studies and research showing the success rate of Lean methods, but there are very few studies that deals with implementation of Lean and their difficulties. When an industry decides to shift Lean production, there can be numerous barriers that needs to be overcome to find success through Lean production. Many companies start positively to implement Lean only to find that it is vey difficult path to follow with a guaranteed success at the end 3. Lean method is path of continuous improvement along the way.

So, by identifying the barriers to Lean implementation, one really in true sense can improve the efficiency of the company. This paper tries to bring up the most critical barriers to Lean methods. There can be numerous barriers to Lean depending on the type of industry, but this paper tries take up three common but critical factor that influences a successful implementation Lean method. It is important to note that there not many studies that talks about the failure of Lean, since companies does not disclose their failures and amount of investment that was wasted 1.


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