There in entrepreneurship was paved at a Hackathon.

There is a magic in thinking big. However, thinking big can only be of value if one actually has the necessary skills to execute it. I am greatly motivated by the encouraging exhortation by the University of Pennsylvania’s Jerome Fisher Program to gain the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for successfully linking technology and management concepts.As a developer to the core, I participated in the International Olympiad in Informatics in September 2017.

I went on to enhance my knowledge and skills in existing and emerging computer technologies by successfully leading teams of coding experts to hotly contested inter-school quizzes and coding competitions.The cornerstone of my ever increasing interest in entrepreneurship was paved at a Hackathon. I was invited to the coveted Hackathon organized by AngelHack, the world’s largest hackathon host, at Startup Oasis Jaipur, India. Every year thousands of coders around the world compete in AngelHack’s Global series of Hackathons. When the contesting teams got into the action mode I brainstormed with my team members to thrash out the nuances of an idea that would literally change our lives.

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It was a wonderful idea which was beautifully implicated but still, it lacked a major aspect of a startup and this was the main reason for it not being a winner. It lacked a good business model. It could have never be transformed into a viable business opportunity. How does a good idea become a viable business opportunity? For a startup to be successful, I need to determine a market need, develop a solution, evaluate my solution using a variety of methods, pressure test my idea and develop a great marketing strategy to persuade others to invest in it.

All of this was only possible when I develop my technological and business skills concurrently and this sparked a fire in my heart to become an entrepreneur. This was only achievable if one could study both management and technology concurrently. I started exploring different courses and programs where technology entrepreneurship and impact entrepreneurship align. However, my heart lies in the M.&.T.S.

I. program – a summer program where I would learn engineering and business disciplines, as well as academic and career opportunities available in the fields of engineering and business.Whether it is my participation in umpteen hackathons, involvement with The-Indus-Entrepreneurs, or my research interests, the central theme and core competency of technology and entrepreneurship is the underlying factor in my past and current endeavors. Still, my thirst for knowledge in these exciting fields remains unquenchable.

I am deeply convinced that University of Pennsylvania’s M.&T.SI  will certainly quench my thirst.


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