There are various different ways to deal with junk mail and prevent it from being sent again. One of the simplest options would be to contact the sender directly asking them to stop processing your personal data for marketing purposes. The Data Protection Act 1998 states under section 11 that every individual has a right to prevent processing for the purposes of direct marketing Franking is always cheaper, if there is a problem with these prices, for example it’s the wrong side of the letter, and the value can be inputted manually on the franking machine.

Sometimes items are wrongly delivered to the office – in these cases the item will be put back in the post and hopefully returned to the intended address. A franking machine is a device that franks all outgoing mail with the date and item price. It can frank letters and large letters, as well as labels for parcels and large parcels and large packages.

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Most franking machines are equipped with digital scales and an automatic letter feeder. As everything is done electronically, the machine needs to be programmed with the most recent franking tariffs from the Royal Mail.


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