There be removed if only entertainment services like

There are three important subsystems in internet in-flight they are 1.

ground to aircraft link: it will establish the communication between internet service provider (isp) and the aircraft it can be employed by direct ground rf link or satellite this block can be removed if only entertainment services like video and audio broadcasting are to be offered by a company distribution: optical fiber isexpected to be used in the future but in present shielded twisted pair cables are the mostly used inside the aircraft. user link: with the aim of reducing the amount of needed cable a wireless link seems to be an optimal solution. this work focuses on this subsystem.Let us consider a line-of-sight VLC data link from the reading lamp and an uplink channel based on a line-of-sight infrared channel from the computer (or data device) to a photodiode on the plane ceiling (close to the reading lamp, see Fig.

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1). Two communication devices working as adapters have been developed: the first one, known as “lamp adapter”, gets the packets from the regular distribution network (Ethernet or PLC) and behaves as a bridge, replicating the information at the optical interface.


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