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There are many things that I admire in this world. I enjoy chemistry, physics, and biology, but writing and creating entertainment is another interest of mine. When I was younger, I would spend my recess writing scripts, and would act them out with my friends on picnic tables. I have always loved the arts. When I moved on to high school, I developed my love for science.

In addition to excelling in my science classes, I have also conducted labs and local events to help people admire science as well. Although my love for one has been with me longer than the other, I find myself weaving them together. Scientific concepts are the basis for half of the stories and characters that I develop, and I have written many science-inspired poems. I took my main passion and infused the second passion into the first. I chose the NYU Tisch School of the Arts – to study Film and Television – because I think I can cultivate my passion for conveying my writing through a visual medium there. I cannot think of a better place to cultivate my writing style, and my somewhat experimental writing methods, to create moving and thoughtful entertainment.

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In addition to providing solid courses, NYU Tisch has a collaborative environment and offers seminars and workshops to encourage and stimulate this collaboration between students. These workshops and seminars will help me refine my ideas, and will help to improve my writing skills even further, as most of these workshops and seminars involve peer critiquing and discuss artistic expression. This is the main reason I applied because I admire working with like-minded, and dissimilar, people and coming up with innovative ideas with them. I also decided to apply to NYU, as a whole, because of its multicultural and racially diverse environment.

The representation of almost every race and culture is something that I really looked for during my college search. Furthermore, the location of NYU Tisch, in addition to its multicultural environment, makes the school a prime place for coming up with varied and refreshing stories, and for express these stories in a visual manner. NYU Tisch’s collaborative domain, culturally and racially integrated environment, along with its equally diverse and interesting location, will help me augment my passion for writing innovative stories and conveying them visually. This is why I chose NYU, specifically the Tisch School of the Arts.


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