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There are many languages in the world but it can be said that English is one of the most important languages. Many races and countries use English as their native tongue. For some, it may not be their native tongue but they can speak well the English language. So, it can be said that English links the whole world together. It unifies nations together.

It establishes good linkages among nations and races. In the Philippines, most of us know how to speak in English. We can even communicate using that language as compared to other races or countries. Meaning to say, the Filipinos are good English speakers. By learning how to speak in English well makes this Filipinos globally competitive in every area. It is indeed very important for us to promote English language in the Philippines so that it will help us find high quality jobs since the English language is the most important common language used globally.

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Promoting this language in our country will allow us to have good understanding ability and speaking in English. Another reason why we have to promote English language in our country is for us to be able to communicate internationally. It is important for us to learn how to communicate in English with other people with confidence and conviction and it will only be possible is there is good promotion of English language in our country. In this world where we face the era of globalization, the English stands out among the other languages and learning that language plays a vital role. In this regards, it is worthy to note that English language should be promoted in our country for us to be prepared in the global advancement.

It will give us better communication skills and deeper sense of understanding towards many things especially if the medium or language used is English. Promoting the use of English language in our country does not mean that we disregard our own language which is Filipino. Yes, we have to love and use our own language with pride and honor but promoting English language is just a way of saying that we also have to consider the fact English language is our window to the world.


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