There analysis by Anderson, Leon, Bland, Bower

There are its advantages and disadvantages for a child to grow up in the city or countryside, however there seems to be more families interest raising their children in countryside, especially among young families. There are several benefits for peoples to move to country from city.First, the main advantages could be the air quality and environment in the countryside. According to British Heart Foundation professor of cardiology at the University of Edinburgh, David Newby (2017) claimed when it comes to air pollution, “being in the country is better for you”.

Because in the city, the burning of fossil fuels. production and consumption of energy for heating buildings, exhaust gas from traffic cause pollution and affect the air quality. For example, Ozone levels around the Perth metropolitan region periodically exceed the recommended health guidelines, with the number and severity of these occasions being predicted to increase.

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An analysis by Anderson, Leon, Bland, Bower & Strachan (1996), the air pollution data and medical reports in London for the period from 1987 to 1992 demonstrated a clear link between the 14-ground level ozone concentration and the population’s rate of death. Therefore, fresh and clean air is without a doubt one of the main advantages of country life over city dwelling, meanwhile children could grow in a place that with lovely face full of fresh air without inhaling any potentially toxic fume.Secondly, crime rates and safety could be other advantages living in countryside.

According to WA Police force crime statistics (2017), there are total of 7,824 selected offences in Perth city, however, in compare with countryside such as Two Rocks, there are only 198 of total selected offences. Therefore, in countryside although neighbors might be staying miles away from you, but that usually all resident know each other well and willing to take care of each other, the possibility of theft or other criminal act is relatively lower. In compare with city, high crime rates could be a major issue, peoples living in stress and afraid the risk of own life and property.

According to Edward (1999), “Cities may create greater returns to crime because criminals may have greater access to the wealthy and face a greater density of victims in urban areas.” Therefore, there is no against that safety could be one of the major benefit of living in the countryside.Furthermore, traffic could be also one of the advantages if living in countryside, which has little or no traffic. Driving in countryside could be free and easy, sometimes you would have to share the road with wildlife animal, it can be a lot of fun, include some beautiful scenery while you are driving from one place to one place. Beside this, if you are going to country town center, without spending time to find a car park, where there is always has a huge car park in countryside. In compare with city, traffic is always crowded and heavy, especially it is always jammed during the rush hour, peoples is always spent more commuting time to travel one place to one place.

Morgan (2018) claimed congested traffic can cause a variety of problems for you and the entire community. Besides that, high vehicle accident rate also put peoples into risk of life. According to Road Safety Commission Western Australia accident annual statistics 2016, there are total 1,005 people were killed or seriously injured in the metropolitan region in 2016. However, there are only 232 people were killed or seriously injured in the South West region in 2016.

Meanwhile, due to lack of traffic, children in countryside get more opportunity to get out and exercise in all that open space. However, if you are a shopaholic, living in countryside might be disappointed you. In city, there are various of shopping centers where literally everything can be found. Meanwhile, studies have shown that shopping can help lift depression and improve health, although the retail fix does not last long, writes Jeanette (2014). Beside this, there are lots of entertainment in city such as theatres, karaoke, music concert, theme park and more. Living in city could be a lot of fun, you will never worry about how to spend your free time.

According to Government of WA Department of Health (2018), “Most country towns have access to at least one bank branch, an automatic teller machine and a post office. There is usually at least one supermarket, but large department stores and clothing boutiques are less common. One of the disadvantages for living in countryside could be limited social life, the communities are much smaller, there are limited employment opportunities, limited social circle and less chance to meet new people from different culture. In compare with living in city, you could meet people of different culture, religion, nationality, etc.

beside this, better education and job opportunity can gain greater and more versatile knowledge. Furthermore, multicultural education has multiple benefits, it has had positive effects on the students. According to Banks (1984), who is considered the father of multicultural education, said: “as an inclusive concept used to describe a wide variety of school practices, programs, and material designed to help children from diverse groups to experience educational equality. Therefore, your social life will be more successful if living in city.

Unlike living in the countryside, On top of that, living in countryside or city has its advantages and disadvantages. From my opinion, a child grows up in the countryside could have more advantages than city. Children who grows up in countryside will be ultimately healthier because of clean air, fresh water, more sports activity, without daily stress and the most important thing – a memorable childhood.


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