Thera Trust: Person-Centered Approach essay

As a manager it is important to support new staff in the workplace and it is paramount that staff are given the time to read through all information relevant to supporting individuals, the use of observations are also helpful as we do tend to support a large diverse group of people who at times have shown some complex or challenging behaviors towards others, all staff need to know how best to purport individuals in a person centered way.

Annual reviews are held to discuss with individuals what is working/ not working in their lives and if they would like to change anything, usually a service user’s circle of support i. E family, friends and careers are invited along with their social worker if they have one and their Day service co- coordinator, by working in partnership we are more likely to have a clearer understanding of the individuals goals and aspirations.

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Within There Trust all staff have relevant training and this has included sessions with Speech and Language therapists who have run several sessions on signing, use of symbols and Megaton we have also looked at sensory interaction techniques to benefit individuals who require a different type of support, any new sessions we undertake are incorporated into our activity plans ensuring that all service users’ needs are been identified.

All our forms and documentation show clear signs and symbols to ensure we continue to value and respect our users preferences with our main aim and focus been specifically on tailoring the sessions and activities to meet the changing needs of the people we support. It is my responsibility to ensure DOD working practices and clear communication are established between the support staff and the service users and this combined with all of the above should significantly help to ensure that service users receive a personalized care and support package. . 2 Support others to implement person centered practice All service users within There have a person centered care plan, it is my responsibility to ensure that all staff have read and understand each aspect of the plan and that the work they carry out is outcome based, for example by doing A, person B can achieve C. The care plan should be a ‘living’ document in that it should be reviewed on a regular basis so that any changes can be made.

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