Chapter animals start leaving The Indians leave When

Chapter 18
Vocabulary Questions.
Unhurried-relaxed and leisurely; without hurry or hasteProcession -the act of moving forward, as toward a goalConstant-uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuingSlink-walk stealthilySenseless-not marked by the use of reasonSeize-take hold of; grab
  • Why won’t they just leave and why are they always depending on white folks?
Notes/Comments on Character, Plot, Figurative Language, Metaphor, Theme, Motif, Symbol
Take notes on:

  • How Hurston creates suspense
  • foreshadowing
  • Racial commentary
  • Metaphor
  • Imagery
  • Personification
  • The significance of the title
  • “day is watching man”
  • “The winds, to the tiniest, lisping baby baby breath had left the Earth.”
  • The animals start leaving
  • The Indians leave
  • When the animals start leaving, she is trying to compare that to the bible because then a global flood starts happening.
  • They make it seem like Indians are dumb and if they knew things then they would still own the country
  • “And the monster began to roll in his bed.

  • “Ole Massa”
  • “Six eyes were watching God.”
  • “Multiplied roar.”
  • They seem to be staring at the dark but they eyes was watching God.
  • “The sea was walking Earth with a heavy heel.”
  • “Pursuing waters growled and shouted ahead…”
Chapter Summary.
Even when things are all sunshine, the storm will eventually come.
Chapter 1
Vocabulary Questions.
Serum- an amber, watery fluid, rich in proteins, that separates out when blood coagulatesSoothed-cause to feel betterFerocity- the property of being wild or turbulentQueer- beyond or deviating from the usual or expectedInstinctively- UnthinkingUnsteadily- in an unsteady manner
  • Why don’t the white people help with burring people?
  • Why does Tea Cake feel as if white people are like his parents?
  • Why did it take so long for the disease to kick in?
  • Is her faith still strong?
  • Does she still believe God?
Notes/Comments on Character, Plot, Figurative Language, Metaphor, Theme, Motif, Symbol
Take notes on:

  • Racial comment
  • The rising action
  • The climax
  • How Hurston creates suspense
  • Feminist symbols/motifs
  • The white men was going to make you work even if you had money.

  • If you were black, you had to do anything they said do or they would threaten your life.
  • To me, it seems like the white men actually try to help them as much as they can but also they classify every black as the same person.
  • They don’t care about if your sick or anything unless you are white. That’s the only time they will try they best to send medical attention
  • If you weren’t useful to them then they didn’t want or need you
  • They didn’t really want to help you. They were just using you.

Chapter Summary.
If you let someone do it once, they will do it again. Respect goes a long way.

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