Theinformation Results and implications: As a result of

Theinformation andcommunications technologies (ICTs) have propelled the blended learning intomainstream education system in recent times. As such both lecturers andstudents can avail the facilities of learning resources, like online libraries,digital media and learning management systems, conveniently with the help ofthese commonly available digital devices and the internet. Thereby learningbecomes much more flexible beyond the physical classroom walls.

However, inmodern perspective, one needs to have a certain level of digital literacy as itis not limited to the understanding of operating technology, but also requiresthe possession of right information management and critical thinking skillsalong with proper online behaviors. Purposeof the study: The purpose of this research study is to review technologyintegration frameworks and distinguish which components best support digitalliteracy education. Moreover, we also focus on the future of ‘multiliteracies’and their place in English education.

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This report also pinpoints teachereducation and professional development practices for teaching digitalliteracies. Design and methods: Aresearch synthesis of experimental research, qualitative analyses, casestudies; theoretical and pedagogical frameworks have been also included in thisbrief article. In order to address the broad scope of digital literacypractices, this paper also reviews literature and synthesized research fromacross educational theory, practice, policy, new literacy studies; informationand computer technology. This is due to the growing belief that ComputerMediated Communication (CMC) is becoming an integral part of language learningat all levels.

Results and implications:As a result of this research, we not only understand the concept ofmultiliteraciesbut also common perceptions of technology in teacher educationpractice and research. Further, integration of CALL-methods in current languageteaching, attempts to evaluate educational policies and strategies on ICT inK12 classrooms.Keywords: Digital Literacy, multiliteracies, digitalcompetence, ICT, language learning and teachers’ characteristics  


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