In that satisfies him” (480).The narrator thinks

In the story the narrator is trying to get herself better from her depression but John, her husband is making it very hard on her. He puts down her down and her insecurities she has doesn’t make it any better, “He knows there is no reason to suffer, and that satisfies him” (480).

The narrator thinks John is the main reason why she can’t get any better with all her problems. He has a way of making her feel very little like she is a child instead of his wife. The only thing she has to look forward to is the room which he has her trapped in..While spending all her time in a locked room she begun to keep a secret journal to help relive and free her mind, “John hates to have me write a word” (480). She started to write in the journal every chances she got.

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Frist she started to describe the house but she was particularly disturbed the wallpaper. She states that its color is repellant, almost revolting a smoldering unclean yellow (480).The narrator becomes more and more obsession with the wallpaper and starts to see thing inside the wallpaper. When she looks into the wallpaper she starts to see a woman that looks like she is behind bars. The narrator examples that the women in the wallpaper looks different in the day and the night.

In the daytime she sees the women outside the house stating that the women were creeping up and down. The women in this wallpaper starts to creep she even notice them creeping in the grapes arbors and all in the garden. The different places that the women where creeping is where the narrator can’t go. The room also has two windows that has bars on them. The bars on the windows represent a prison which her husband John, think this will heal her from the illness she has. The narrator examples whenever she says anything about leaving the house to John he acts as well he didn’t hear anything she said and silence her.

When John does her this way it makes her want to figure the wallpaper out even more. Soon this wallpaper dominates the narrator’s imagination. She makes looking at the wallpaper part of her everyday life. This wallpaper has become the only thing she notice inside the room.

Later on the narrator discovers a smudge mark on the wallpaper. This mark on the wallpaper started running all over the wallpaper making it look like someone was rubbing against it. This pattern is resembling of the women trying to free themselves from the patterns on the wallpaper. In the story the narrator mentions that she sees her shaking the bars at night and creeping around like she was figuring out a way to set herself free. The narrator also mentions that she also creeps around just like the women inside the wallpaper. She had started to become very paranoid, she started to suspects that John is aware of her obsession with the wallpaper. Her paranoid makes her want to get rid and destroy the wallpaper.

The narrator goes into a frenzy and starts to tear down the wallpaper in order to free the women who is trapped inside of it.. By the end of story, The Yellow Wallpaper the narrator had secrets only she could understand. Meanwhile she gets so wrapped up into the wallpaper that she puts all her focus into finding out what was the secret behind it. As she starts rip the wallpaper and frees the women inside it was like she was escaping with the women. This was representing the narrator was escaping from her husband and the misery was putting her though by trapping her inside the room. In the end she does escapes, “I’ve got out at last,” ().

In this short story the narrator was my main point of view. The tone she used was disturbed, paranoid and intimate. A disturbed tone means, having to suffer or resulting from emotional and mental problems (). The narrator stats that she was getting angry enough to do something desperate because she was very unhappy. Thought the story the narrator shows signs of being paranoid one of the sign was when she said, “I am getting a little afraid of John, and it strikes me occasionally just as a scientific hypothesize, but perhaps maybe it’s the wallpaper” ().

The next tone in the short story that I noticed was intimate. Intimate is something that is personal.

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