The each link accesses to different information;

The www. layout is user-friendly and straightforward as it is segmenting the students and professionals.

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The symbolic red colour scheme coordinated elaborately. Satisfy the comfortable and clean looking requirements, customers can easily find their needs and wants according to categories. The site divides into various sections. The top of the main page provides a well-organized of links to its content, arranged in three columns headed Departments, Popular Members, and Events. The layout allows the customers to control in good hands in satisfying their needs and wants on the site.

Besides, the design is done professionally and effectively with a highlight section arranges in the middle of the website. Hence, the critical information for example special discount for items can be transmitted to the users easily. A big font of the text on the main page can draw the attention of the customer.

The bottom of the main page runs down a section which provides four choices, and each link accesses to different information; for example, ways to buy, payment method, delivery service, and returns & replacements. The website designer also considered several payment solutions to assure the online shopping a pleasant experience. A successful e-commerce website has the potential to appear in various search engines such as Google and Yahoo meanwhile boosts the popularity among customers through it. is practical and functional in design as it possess all the necessary graphics, web solutions such as payment gateway, shopping cart, merchant accounts online and other solutions.?


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