the of its effectiveness at killing. Another very

the whippet wasn’t very effective in tank vs tank battles it was effective towards infantry. In Conclusion, tanks of ww1 helped change warfare because of their mobility and power.Chemical weapons were introduced during ww1. Chemical weapons changed warfare forever because gas attacks could wipe out hundreds of soldiers that didn’t have proper protection. WWI chemical weaponry was unlike anything seen on the battlefield before. Over the course of the war about 3,000 chemicals were used in the military and 50 toxic agents were deployed on battlefields across Europe. “killing an estimated 90,000 to 100,000 people and leaving 1.

3 million people injured” This piece of evidence explains how deadly chemical weapons were meaning they would change warfare because of their effectiveness. on April 22, 1915, the German army released 170 metric tons of chlorine gas from 6,000 cylinders buried in trenches in Ypres, Belgium. “Chlorine gas is yellow-green and smells like bleach, when it makes contact with moist body tissues, it produces an acid that can cause severe tissue damage. Minutes after the gas was released, 1,000 French and Algerian soldiers were dead, and nearly 4,000 more were injured.

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” this piece of evidence demonstrates how chlorine gas was extremely deadly and it would ultimately change warfare because of its effectiveness at killing.  Another very deadly gas was called mustard gas, it was yellow and smelled like garlic “mustard gas damages the respiratory tract and causes severe eye irritation and skin blistering.” mustard gas also contributed to the changes of warfare because of its effects on the human body. In Conclusion chemical weapons changed warfare because of their extremely deadly effects to the human body.

Trenches helped change warfare forever because it allowed soldiers to live and survive on the battlefield. Trench warfare consisted of opposing armed forces attacking each other from holes dug in the ground trench warfare changed warfare forever because it allowed soldiers to take cover from enemy fire. “The sheer quantity of bullets and shells flying through the air in the battle conditions of that war compelled soldiers to burrow into the soil to obtain shelter and survive.” this piece of evidence explains how trenches were used by soldiers to defend themselves from the hundreds of bullets and shells being fired upon them.

Trenches could contain everything a soldier needs to survive on the battlefield Food and ammunition they also contained “command posts, forward supply dumps, first-aid stations, kitchens, and latrines.” this piece of evidence shows how trenches were very useful on the battlefield because they could protect soldiers from attacks and allowed the soldiers to live in the trench while waiting for the right time to attack the enemy trench. In Conclusion trench warfare helped change warfare forever because of their uses on the battlefield. In conclusion ww1 changed warfare forever because of the new technologies that were created.


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