The but is influenced by Mr Keating.(100)Mr Keating

The words Carpe Diem meaning seize the day,have a constant appearance in the movie. These are a few of Mr Keating’s first words to the boys, which stick with them throughout the movie. Mr Keating’s teaching methods did not follow the other teachers teaching methods. Mr Keating believed in teaching the boys to be ”free thinkers”. Mr Keating is seen as an influential and inspirational teacher.

He has a very big impact on Neil Perry, a boy who attends Welton Academy. Neil is pressured by his father, but is influenced by Mr Keating.(100)Mr Keating grabs the boys attention, by instructing them to tear out the first page of their poetry books.Mr keating puts Todd on the spot when he has to read a made up poem on a given picture, to indicate how todd was feeling the camera makes a fast spinning 360 degree circle around him with intense music. This allows the viewers to understand todd feelings.

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