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The word ‘commercialization’ means the process of managing or running something principally for financial gain (1). Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Basically, commercialization of education means the process of producing the new method and process of learning in such a way that has a relation with commercialization. Commercialization of education is trend of decreasing emphasis on the humanities and increasing attention to the demand of the student s. It is a tendency which gives emphasis on to make education profitable as well as business oriented (2). In the government’s efforts to uphold the education system in order to be world-class, commercializing teaching and learning has been introduced at high schools and institutions of higher learning.

Some part of our community are still confused and doubtful with the term “commercialization of education” because there are so many interpretations and opinions regarding this topic can be made. The commercialization of education can be clearly seen with the increase in numbers of both local and private institutions. Educational issues have been seen as a very crucial issues in our community as the demand for knowledge is getting overwhelming. Through this writing about the pros and cons of commercialization of education will be further discussed.

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Education has been seen as a medium for ones to gain knowledge and hone their skills by pursuing their studies to any local or private universities. Introducing education via commercialization to the public helps to give them the opportunity to gain knowledge that are useful to build their own career. They will be guided by experienced and qualified lecturers or educators with what they will learn regardless of what the courses might be. Different course requires different skills; the right person can help you to develop thorough understanding with what you have learned and what will you learn. A Chinese proverb says that learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. Universities such as the knowledge that has been sought can be used and applied in the real-life practices. Thus, this will help you to prepare yourselves before entering the work-life.

For example, if a person pursues his/her study at an engineering school, he/she would not only can apply the knowledge in the work-life but also at his/her daily life. The higher the knowledge of one person then the more likely to get a better job and can change the fate of the family. Through education the pattern of life can be transformed from poor to simpler. People with high education have the opportunity to take high positions and directly increase their income.

Education should be commercialised to let people know the advantages of seeking for education for self-investment in the future.Commercializing education has provided employment opportunities or job opportunities to those who have a certified qualification. Many private institutions offer various job oriented job oriented courses, various degrees, diplomas, certificate course etc. which help the students to engage in job (1). This also reduces the unemployment problem of the country (2). The problem of unemployment is very serious, coupled with a less favourable economic situation.

Commercializing this education has helped us to find opportunities to build a career and finding the desired work. Nowadays many of the companies have commercialized education to give people the opportunity to have jobs. Competitive competition among the graduates can also be an issue because those who stand out the most will have bigger chance to have job. In this context, someone should be aware of the job spectrum available here so that they can decide what they really want to be in the future. This why education is important because ones can pursue the most high-demand courses available in the universities of colleges.When it comes to education, a lot of people do emphasize the importance of education to the young generation as they are the future pillar of the country. Commercialization of education seems to benefit to the society because trough commercialization- it can introduce one’s new approach of education.

In the millennium of the century, education was no longer alien to technology as it had facilitated the process of learning of young people. By commercializing education, learning at school, college or university will be easy and fast. There are many companies that produce products that are believed to help children in the lesson and there are many scientific publishing books that help children’s learning and personality.

For example, Tony Buzan who has introduced the method of thinking using mind map and has published several books such as How to Mind map, Mind Map for Kids: The Shortcut to Success at School and many more, in which, is a good approach for students to brainstorm and so on. With this, students will not be easily distracted by their smartphones as this will disrupt their focus during their studies. Commercialization of education can be seen by the publish of intellectual properties and products.Commercialization of education can build the nation. As we all know, Malaysia consists of the major races such as Malays, Chinese, Indians and other races and ethnics.

Commercialization enables students-exchange students to increase. Through this programme, a multiracial nation such as Malaysia can reinforce integrity, national spirit and build national identity. The tolerance among the people can be develop through curriculum activities, and co-curricular activities in schools, colleges and universities.

The curriculum that uses the national language as your base language can create a national integration. In co-curricular activities, the participation of students in the activities such as the Scouts, the Red Crescent Society, the Unified Cadet or any co-curricular clubs can clearly reinforce tolerance and understanding through external educational activities. Educational activities can build auxiliary value such and at the same time forming a personal value and conscience. In addition, through heritage and cultural programs can also cultivate a multiracial community.

The value of respect for the societal diversity of multiracial communities can be sown when everyone knows and understands the customs of other races. In this regard, the nation’s development that maintains a solid unity among the people can be built through education commercialization.The commercialization of education provides additional formal education to the students, other than the one that they have learned.

For the personality development of the students they provide moral education which included the development commercialization skill, soft skill, how to maintain their physical health, to how face interview, how to deal with entrance examination how to adjust with the society etc. (3). Although skills can be developed naturally at home, but the skills need to be enhanced. Some are born with unique talents and skills but some are not. As we all know, soft skill is very crucial as it is one of the aspect that all employers look for in seeking for employees. Soft skill includes those communication skill, work ethics and more that can be implied in the commercialization skill. Individuals who have a good personality and have a useful skill will be the attraction to the employers.

The develop skills will help them in the future once they have their own job. Thus, personality traits and personality can be constructed if the education element is linked together with the commercialization element.The national economy can be improved as a result of the commercialization of quality education. The reason why is that because overseas students will choose local universities to continue their studies. This will further increase the money currency of our country. Our country has a very high potential in unleashing the education system that enables to attract foreign students to study at our country. For example, most private colleges in our country can attract a lot of foreign students to pursue studies in our country because of the good quality of education.

This, in turn can improve our country’s economy. Among the international universities found in Malaysia such as Swinburne University, Monash University and many more. As a result, the government has to play a role in improving the education standard in our country. This is because there are many quality educational interests in our country as Malaysia will be considered the nation to provide quality education. Therefore, it is proven that the commercialization of education is able to make our country as a regional education hub thus leading to the growth of the country’s economy.Talking about the negative sides, one of them includes degrees are on sale (33).

 A huge negative impact of commercialization is that the degrees are selling now. For those who are rich enough can easily access into any universities or colleges even though they have bad qualification to enter. A lot of people will neglect the “purity” of knowledge because they assume that knowledge can be bought as long as you have money. In this scenario, people will tend to take for granted in studying because they still can repeat the exam or semester even if they have failed so many times. This scenario usually happens among the spoil rich but not all of them. Those who are buying degrees will never learn or get the benefits of learning and instead, this will make them lazy. According to documents seen by BBC Radio 4’s File on Four programme, more than 3,000 fake Axact qualifications were sold to UK-based buyers in 2013 and 2014, including master’s degrees, doctorates and PhDs. A trawl through the list of Axact UK buyers, seen by the BBC, reveals various NHS clinical staff, including an ophthalmologist, nurses, a psychologist, and numerous consultants also bought fake degrees (77).

Although this case is not visible in Malaysia, but it does happen in other countries. The “no shortcut to succeed” is to be no longer relevant because you can succeed by buying degrees. The selling degrees seem to have low quality and this will affect the whole education system because people just need to pay for education, not learning it! The students will have less interest in studying and this could lead to the case in which students dropping out from colleges and universities.Another impact of Internationalization and Commercialization of Education will marginalize Malay as a language of knowledge. This is because students can easily get information through me, magazines, or the internet. The information that is spread through the internet is largely in English. English is the standard language adopted by all the builders. Thus, English has been recognized by the government as an introductory language in the teaching process to facilitate access to information.

This can be seen in the Science and Mathematics subjects previously used in Malay but started to convert to English at primary and secondary level in 2002. This language conversion is also to prevent students from experiencing cultural shock while pursuing university-level learning. In addition, the outsourced branch of the university will continue to make English as a legacy in the teaching and learning process.

At present, many IPTS have made English as the medium of instruction. This is to say that Malay language is a language of knowledge, although it is proven that Bahasa Malayu can be the language of knowledge in all fields. If this is the case, Bahasa Melayu will be the second language in the life of Malaysian society and efforts towards the development of Malaysia based on Malay will be stunted. Commercialization of education that refers to educational institutions that are only concerned with registration fees and building money, but ignore the educational obligations. Commercialization of education always give emphasis on profit.

It makes education as a business(23). Commercialization of this education is usually done by institutions or schools that promise educational services but not worth the money they collect and more concerned with profit. It is even more dangerous, this second type of commercialization can also carry out educational practices for the purpose of pursuing academic degrees without going through the process and quality that has been determined so as to kill the idealism of Pancasila education. This commercialization also has an impact on the high cost of education. Clearly, people are “treated to something” that (as if) agrees the condition. A simple example can be seen when entering the new school year. It is unthinkable how many parents complain that textbooks used in the previous school year will no longer be available in the next school year.

This condition is certainly very burdensome people who are mostly still living below the poverty line. Students are forced to use new textbooks instead of old books that are supposedly “unfit” to be used again, at relatively high prices. Yet if observed, the material or subject in it exactly the same, without any new “science” that is listed.Other than that, the impact of commercialization in education is education will be costlier. In business, there will be a manipulation in which they can generate more money by commercializing education. The people who involve in this commercialization especially businessmen will find strategies to influence people and manipulate them in a way that only they understand. In the private institutions, the admission fees, monthly fees, development fees, semester fees etc.

are very high. Fees charged at public universities can also be a burden to some parents or guardians. Some parents have to spend a lot of money to make sure their children have the opportunity to have education and some of them have to make loans such as PTPTN. It is a burden when parents have to spend so much money when they have many children.

It is almost impossible to send their children to study. Some universities or colleges also demand high amount of donation in admitting the student in various courses. From the commercialization point of view, the students are the consumer, education is the things and the educational institutions are the shop.In the end, we can see both good and bad sides of commercializing education. Now, it is up to the society to judge and think which side is more relevant and beneficial to us. We are living in a world of commercialization-everything has a price to pay. Education is to bring out the potential in a learner by providing the leaner the most congenial physical and social environment to help us realize our fullest potential.

Education on the other hand is an industry and its commercialization is here to stay. Generally knowing that new forms of learning and learning enable people to improve their academic skills and qualifications. Implementation of the commercialization in our country can widen the horizons of the minds of the students. Students will be more vulnerable to the world of globalization if it to be performed thoroughly. Nevertheless, there are other ways to upgrade the education of the country other than commercial so we still have many options.

At the end we can say that for these people education has today become on option to make money than providing quality education to students. Malaysia should decide that can be constructively introduced in their socio-economic and educational system. I hope that in the future this issue needs to be emphasized so that more people will be more aware and sensitive with this issue.


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