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The South China Sea is strategically important and resource rich area in Asia for trade, andbelieved to contain valuable oil and gas deposits. It is also a long disputed region.

The SouthChina Sea is just not the matter of economic interest but it is also the matter of territorialsovereignty, national pride and the national security of the neighboring countries.The republic of Philippines is one of the founding member of the United Nations. For more thanseven decades it’s engagement and partnership with the United Nations is a reveling story of it’saspirations as a people, born of colonial past and independent present. The Republic ofPhilippines is committed to addressing national threats and attaining regional peace andstability, while protecting the human rights of all its citizens.

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The global action to transform theworld illuminates the urgency and importance of the efforts in the Philippines to explore newhorizons and break new grounds. In 1953, the Philippines Bureau of Fisheries published a bookthat discussed Scarborough Shoal as historically one of the “principle fishing area” of theFilipino Fishermen. Under the Philippines claims from the UNCLOS, the Scarborough Shoal fallsunder the 200 square mile proximity in territory extension.

The Philippines partially claimedSpartly Islands in 1955. However the value of the island chain was fully realized when oil wasfirst discovered by the Philippines in 1970. For hundred of years, Philippines sovereignty andtraditional fishing method at Scarborough Shoal protected it from overfishing.

Therefore theRepublic of Philippines holds a major share in the South China Sea due to its geographicalproximity. Thus the delegate would like to make the following recommendations that it wouldlike to be adopted in the resolution:? To adopt common fishing policy.? To adopt joint efforts to protect the marine environment(PSSA,Bonn Agreement).? Mandate that all military reinforcements recently deployed to the Paracels and theSpratlys be removed as of immediately.

? Establish a joint management regime for the residual central area.? Encourages that a UN Peacekeeping force shall patrol and maintain safety and peace inthe region.Philippines would further like to emphasize the importance of “pragmatism” given the necessityto bridge differences rather than just focusing on principle alone.

Philippines strongly believesthat the on-going territorial dispute in the South China Sea should be further resolved in amanner consistent with the spirit of good neighboring relations. The SPECPOL Committee toact upon with responsibility to protect and to bind the member countries with solution orientedinnovative legal framework.


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