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The Odyssey is a very good example of how similar and how different books and movies can be. The movie displays many of the same elements that were in the book, but also leaves out some aspects. Many  scenes were added, deleted, re-modified, but nonetheless both the movie and the book share the same story.

The Odyssey is an epic written by Homer, centering around a king named Odysseus who is cursed to be lost from his home, Ithaca, for 10 years after the Trojan War and be unable to return. Throughout these ten years, Odysseus goes through many conflicts and stumbles upon many new characters such as Polyphemus, Circe, Calypso, etc. Whilst Odysseus is going through these struggles, Penelope, his wife, and Telemachus, his son, must fiend off the suitors fighting for Penelope’s hand in marriage Ithaca’s throne.

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Comparing the characters and their personality’s, they are relatively the same in the book and movie. Odysseus is just as intelligent and cunning as he is in the book, and shares the same struggle of missing his wife and home teribbly. Penelope is just as similar, with how faithful she remains to Odysseus and how strong she is whilst waiting for his return. In both the movie and book she doesn’t lose hope in him returning. Also similar in both stories are the conflicts, such as between Odysseus and Scylla, and Odysseus and the Cyclops. However, just as there are many similarities there are also many differences. The movie failed to include the Lotus Eaters scene described in the book.

Also, Circe keeps Odysseus for much longer in the movie, five years to be exact. The movie didn’t just leave out scenes, it also added scenes. In the movie Odysseus directly asks Poseidon what will satisfy him. Also, once Odysseus leaves Calypso’s island she cries. Overall, the movie contains the key aspects that Homer included in the original epic.

Many can agree though that the book was better due to the abundance of detail and more excitement. The movie though allowed a visual to the characters and required much less time to finish, only taking two hours. Nonetheless in my opinion I find that both the movie and the book were well done, and both had their pros and cons.


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