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The Yellow Wallpaper    When it comes to the story “The YellowWallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Stetson, the story is about a woman who was diagnosedwith post pardon depression, because she has been diagnosed with this illness sheis told by her doctor and husband that she should take the “normal” route for womento be cured which is just rest. Within this time, she is stopped from her ownindependent self and is not allowed to do things that she would like to do suchas go places and write, of course this drives her totally insane causing her tostart having illusions such as staring at the walls “But there is somethingelse about that paper – the smell” and “It creeps all over the house. I find ithovering in the dining-room, skulking in the parlor, hiding in the hall, lyingin wait for me on the stairs. It gets into my hair” pg.

52 these visions thatshe is having are starting to control her she even starts to smell it like itis an actual thing. It is to believe that the wallpapers meaning is that it isall the combinations of things that she has dealt with such as the medicine,her husband and doctor and the fact that she is being held back from doingthings.  “The Yellow Wallpaper” is more than just a woman that goes crazy becauseshe is not just going insane because of her “illness” but it is because of herhusband that is always stopping her from doing what she wants to do justbecause she is a woman. By doing this it is causing and if not making herdepression worse. “What is the matter” or “for Gods sake, what are you doing!” pg.

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56 is an example of how controlling her husband was when it came to bring hercloser and closer to insanity. This story’s main goal was to show how in many countriesthere are women who are treated as if they were nothing and how women’s rolesin society are limited because of their gender, it can do a number on a personand make things more worse then they already were, by her husband doing this heis encouraging prejudice behavior of women being free and not being a prisonerto their significant others. The author made it clear when she explained howthe wife is unable to live life fully without being held back.


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