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The Manifest Destiny was a belief that God wants white people to go west he wanted Americans to go west. It is a belief that it was “meant to be.”The westward expansion had many challenges while they were moving west some of their challenges was transport and having to leave many of their belongs and most of their land behind and the fact almost 20,000 people died. In order for the westward expansion to take most of their things with them, means they had to have a lot of oxygen and wagons. Also, they had to make tolls when they crossed rivers. Another challenge was climate, starvation, and illness if the weather was bad they didn’t have much time if it was cold because they would get frost bites or even freeze to death.

If they didn’t have enough food to last them they would starve which would cause illness or even the bad weather would cause illness too. Settlers left their homes and traveled over the mountain on their feet and they faced many attacks.Some reasons why people moved west, was to get away from the population growth, which is when you have too many people in the same place kinda like if you are in an elevator the capacity is kinda the same as population just a little different. Another reason why is to farm and get more crops grown because the more crops they grow the more food they have. Finally is freedom for runaway slaves.

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All of these reasons helped them become better farmers, and to get away from everyone.They also moved west so that they could get more knowledge.They wanted a faster transportation to get where they needed.Some consequences associated with the westward expansion. The Oregon trail went 2,000 miles from Missouri to Oregon many suffered danger to reach to the northwest. Next, manifest destiny affected our country by it helped fuel western settlement and pushed many native Americans out of America. Many of them died from a disease.

Animal habitats were destroyed and also their landscaped. Buffalos also went extinct and Native Americans were forced to move off their land but, they were able to expand the U.S. into making it a bigger nation.    The Donner party was settlers moving west. 90 immigrants left Springfield Illinois and headed west to get land.

This group was led by two brothers Jacob and George Donner. This group was trying to find a shorter route to California. Sooner or later they came upon many challenges like the fact that they had to have their timing in the right because if they did not they could run into lots of trouble, like snowstorms, bad weather etc. Another challenge was that the Donner brothers went to go get more food for the rest of the people and as they were in the middle of that they left everyone behind so that it would go faster as they were coming back they got stuck in the middle of a snowstorm, the snowstorm was so heavy that they could not make it back to the rest of the people therefore they did not have any food for multiple days and finally they started eating each other, They had a long journey ahead of them it would take four the six mouths to get to where they wanted and without food and clothing to keep them warm it was very hard for them to survive. The problem was they did not stick to the route they needed to go on instead they went with the Donner brothers and took their “shortcut”.

Short after that, they did not get very far and was lost and that’s when they had nowhere to get food so they ate the other travelers.Another group was the trail of tears, what they wanted was to grow crops from the Indians land and the Indians didn’t think that it was fair for the white Americans to do that. It was a series of forced removals sometimes they had to be forced to move away from their hometown.

Many of the people that were relocating suffered from many things such as, disease and starvation while they were on the route. Also, many people died before they could get to their destination. Many mixed race and slaves were relocated and were forced to go to their destination by state and local militias.Finally, many more reasons on why there were lots of challenges there was old age, money loss and selling the business before they left. A lot of people died from an old age they were traveling on the trail for a half a year and many of them were old, to begin with. Also, the settlers lost a ton of money from trading from others and also from buying ammo they needed to get lots of stuff before they could travel on this trail. They needed to buy clothes so that they could stay warm.

They also needed to buy an ox, trade with fishing gear to get their food. Many of these things helped the settlers get to where they were and many of the things they used helped them survive for many years.


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