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The perceptions and attitude shown by the human towards robots is a very importantfactor. More speci cally how the reaction of humans having a robot as a companion is acore point of HRI. To assess the humans attitudes and perceptions towards the robots astudy was conducted by Dautenhahn (2005) with 28 participants in a practical settingwith use of supplement questionnaires as well. The results showed that the participantsliked the idea of having a robot as a companion or assistant and few of them preferred tohave a robot as their friend. The most important nding of this research was the humanlike behavior or human like appearance was not an important factor to accept the robotas a companion. Some other interesting results that could be nd was the test unitswere recommended that robot to be highly controllable and they didnt like it when therobots come too near to them. That means still there is a potential gap between fullyautonomous robot and humans. These traits are very important to be considered whenimplementing a social companion drone.20Humans behavior towards the robots can be impacted by how a robot is approachingthe human. A study was done by Dautenhahn (2006) to investigated how users prefera robot to approach them while the humans in a sitting position. The purpose ofthis research was to nd a path planning system for robots. 38 participants in a non-laboratory setting and 15 participants in a controlled setting were contributed in thiscase study. Feelings of comfort amongst the test units were measured while allowing therobots to approach them in di erent directions, distances and speeds. The results haveshown that the test units did not like the approach of robot from the front and it makesthem feel uncomfortable or even like threatening. And it showed that most test unitspreferred the approach of the robot from either the right or left hand side, It doesnt givesan uncomfortable feeling as it approaching from the front. Speci cally most test unitspreferred the approach from the right side. So this provides some insights about theBackground Literature Review 14approaching direction, essential distance between drone and person and the essentialspeed of robot in order to result a successive interaction between robot and human.These concepts also give an idea about how we can utilize these research ndings in thefuture drone companions as well.19


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