Date: three scientists. In the movie, they show

Date: January 10, 2006The War of the World Final EssayH.G Wells was a scientific thinker and social mystic. One of the most widely read writers of his times; he explored the area science fiction, fought for a new social order, and made about 44 novels.

Steven Allan Spielberg is an film director and producer. Steven Spielberg is known for his horror movies. One consistent theme in his family friendly work is a childlike, even naïve, sense of amazement and faith, as showed by works such as and horror. Both H.

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G Well’s and Steven Spielberg’s “The War of the World”, develop the theme of death in various ways.In a way, the theme of death show is different in both the movie and book. In the book, they show it by the death of the three scientists. In the movie, they show it by the death of several pedestrians.

H.G Wells portrays the theme of death with the first three scientists as a major point. It was the first attack by the Martins themselves, as attack, which was the first climax of the story. The turning point was after the martins attacked everyone, as a result, there was in panic in London, and they would try to run away. The theme of death is shown again, when the narrator tried to commit suicide to run away from all of his problems.“Suddenly there was a flash of light, and a quantity of luminous greenish smoke came out of the pit in three distinct puffs, which drove up, one after the other, straight into the still air.

” In the movie, the first to die were many pedestrians, but it was different then what happened in the book. The first pedestrians that had been killed by the ray were the first climax of the story, which lead Cruise to run in fear. The theme of death is reapplied when Tom Cruise has dust from brunt humans on him. The turning point was where all the humans went to ran away from the monster but most people started to turn into what they did not want to be. Once again, the theme of death is brought up when no one knew about these new monsters and what there were capable of doing. In another way, the theme of death show is different in both the movie and book. In the book, the curate dies because of not listing to the narrator. However, in the movie Spielberg portray something differently, he like the curate live but then is killed by Cruise.

H.G Wells depicts the theme of death by the death of the curate. The curate dies because of not having no food, water, or no shade for the burning sun.

The curate death was the climax of the reading because the narrator killed the curate hits him in the head with a meat chopper in order to avoid attracting the Martins attention. It is too late for this, and when one comes to investigate, it pulls out the curate’s body. The turning point was when the narrator escaped from the Martins. The theme of death is brought up by the fact of the narrator killing a campaign just for the safety of his life. “I put out my hand and felt the meat chopper hanging to the wall.

In a flash I was after him. I was fierce with fear. Before he was halfway across the kitchen I had overtaken him. With one last touch of humanity I turned the blade back and struck him with the butt.

He went headlong forward and lay stretched on the ground. I stumbled over him and stood panting. He lay still.

” In the movie, the curate was Ogilvy who was an ambulance driver. The curate wanted to kill the Martins, but Tom did not want to run away and wanted to go to Boston to his x-wife. The curate at first wanted to kill Tom but later it changed his mine. Suspense is built when the curate started to screaming because there was blood on face, and when tried to build a tunnel between countries.

The climax is when the Tom Cruise, hit the curate with the shovel after asking many times to quite down. The theme of death was brought up when the blood was all over both Tom and the curate. In another way, the theme of death show is different in both the movie and book. In the book, the heat gun was a popular weapon at first but later on, it changes to the black smoke canister. However, in the movie the martins always use the same gun. H.G.

Wells describes the theme of death by the next generation weapons the Martins. These weapons have such an effect on the human body by burning to dust, like some of weapons we use in the army today. Suspense is built about not noting much about these weapons. The climax is when the Martins use these weapons.

The turning point is when the Martins change to there next weapon and that was the black smoke canister. The black canister fires out canisters that hit the ground and let loose a kind of black smoke. However, it does not act like a gas. It is heavier than air and settles like dust along the ground.

The theme of death is brought again when these Martins have better weapons, which.

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