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The Vindication of the Rights of Woman is the proclamation of the right hand of fair sex to equality of education. In it Wollstonecraft(English writer and feminist) argument for feminism which means that women and men should be treated equal and have equal rights. Wollstonecraft was very vocal about the idea that women should be receiving a different type of schooling than men.

I do believe Wollstonecraft does vindicate women’s rights because she shows that if women had the same education as men they would gain independence.Wollstonecraft is known for thinking women can be way more than house wives and the mothers of children. She blames this woman’s way of thinking on men like Rousseau() for encouraging a education that makes woman pointless to society. She states that “.

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..To enable the individual to attain such habits of virtue as will render it independent.

In fact, it is a farce to call any being virtuous whose virtues do not result from the exercise of its own reason. Rousseau’s opinion respecting men: I extend it to women, and confidently assert that they have been drawn out of their sphere by false may be impossible to convince themthat the illegitimate power, which they obtain, by degrading themselves, is a curse, and that they must return to nature and equality(20-21)” Put in different words, we had men thinking of so little of women so why would women even try and go out of the norm and advocate for a good education when men didn’t even believe we could do it.Another argument she talks about is the upbringing of children. She thinks that the parents should prepare their kids to be independent thinkers.

“By individual education, I mean, for the sense of the word is not precisely defined, such an attention to a child as will slowly sharpen the senses, form the temper, regulate the passions as they begin to ferment, and set the understanding to work before the body arrives at maturity…

Men and womenmust be educated, in a great degree, by the opinions and manners of the society they live in.(20)” In other words, to some degree, individuals are dependably results of the social orders. Men think women should be keep ‘pure’ like their children and only be taught satisfying their future spouses. Wollstonecraft agrees that up until a certain age children should be keep innocent but at some point.

There comes a period for every single person when they ought to be urged to have an independent mind. So all training ought to endeavor toward making the person as free as could be expected under the circumstances. Suppose for a second that most ladies will grow up to be spouses and moms. Wollstonecraft is trying to figure out how these ladies will be great moms in the event that they have definitely no education or training of being independent?A final argument of mine that Wollstonecraft uses deals with again Rousseau. Rousseau was a very conservative writer of his time and what he thought of women’s rights were very traditional.

Rousseau believes if women are fragile and apathetic and their education should show that. But that doesn’t have to be the case at all. If women are educated they can be useful to society instead of a somewhat hindrance. They could have better discussions with their husbands and could give a superior high-caliber knowledge to their kids on self-reliance. “A man speaks of what he knows, a woman of what pleases her; the one requires knowledge, the other taste; the principal object of a man’s discourse should be what is useful, that of a woman’s what is agreeable. There ought to be nothing in common between their different conversation but truth.

(88)” A lot of Rousseau claims how to educate women are stemmed from how they should ‘please’ men. Wollstonecraft wants to change that stereotype on women and make them for valuable in society. She wants and education that can make ladies profitable their whole lives and be able to may not be dependent on a spouse to keep them afloat. “But the system of education, which I earnestly wish to see exploded, seems to presuppose what ought never to be taken for granted, that virtue shields us from the casualties of life; and that fortune, slipping off her bandage, will smile on a well-educated female…There have been many women in the world who, instead of being supported by the reason and virtue of their fathers and brothers, have strengthened their own minds by struggling with their vices and follies…(94)” So instead of men knocking women down for flaws help them build their confidence and independence so they won’t need a man to be there for their beck and call.


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