I the healthcare information technology program at National

I was not really sure if the company I currently work for offer the tuition reimbursement program for employees who are in school or wants to return to school so I call the HR office today and I was told that company do not offer such program right at this moment.

However, that might change in the future.. One of the lower tuition program I plan to take advantage of in furthering my education is comparing tuition between technical schools or community colleges and private universities. I am currently studying for the healthcare information technology program at National American University. The entire program is going to cost me about $39,000 to 40,000 by the time I am done. I recently did an inquiry at a technical college and found out the same program is about $20,000 with the same associate degree and $11,000 with the diplomat or certificate.

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I do plan on transferring to the technical college at the end of this quarter to lower my cost of tuition.One of the things I will do to improve my personal life is taking time off from work every year to travel out of the town/city I live in for a breath of fresh air even if it is just for few days. Many expects have said taking a vacation even once a year can help one release a lot of stress and improves one mental health. I believe in order do well in anything one must be under less stress and mentally healthy.

.Math has always been one of the hardest course for me in school. The thought of it gives me anxiety every single time.


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