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The other of this chapter is Stephen Denning. He believes and argues that if a narrator chose his or her appropriately, it can help a leader to get concepts in which he can use to transform his her organization, he put emphasize that there is need to know the narrative strategies which are appropriate for the right purpose for specific circumstances.He believes that a power of narrative if the one which particular to a certain mindset and its analyses is set to drive business thing to its listeners, it offers motivation as well as motivating.

Any storyteller should critically differentiate corporate from the general world and he should make sure that he is more succinct. That is, he should make all points seconds rather than in minutes to avoid boredom. It should always visualize actionsHe gives caution about the so-called positive stories. He feels that people are able to learn more from their mistakes instead of their successes. The form of the story is basically determined by its purpose. The stories that impact knowledge in most cases have negative overtones instead of positive.

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He argues that both boring and negative stories have a role to play and they should not be despised. Storytelling is seen to impact a powerful route to people’s imaginations. He finds out that a story that is basically designed to change people, has a tendency of invoking future as well as identifying direction. He singles out the roles of storytelling, these include; communicating whom you are, transmitting values, fostering collaboration, sparking action just to mention but a few.In conclusion, it’s not desirable to have complex stories which have all the elements but adds no value to the organization larders.

But it is wholesome to have storytelling techniques which you are quite sure will meet your wish of transforming people in a certain situations or circumstances. Leaders who had strong doubts about storytelling will come to realize how the creative efforts reward.Discussion questionWhy do you think Stephen Denning is much opposed to positive stories?


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