The review on the topic (Macan, Shahani, Dipboye

The use of illicit drugs are becoming a major concern in today’s world. These types of drug intake will never benefit anyone and will become a daily routine to search for this drugs and make a daily habit. This is because parents are not taking a proper care or giving guidance to their children. According to this research it was found that the use of illicit drugs in schools are increasing day by day there are some students who are too much involved in this activities that they lose interest in their students. Therefore, the researcher has used articles to write a better review on the topic (Macan, Shahani, Dipboye ; Phillips, 2000).The first article used was from the Fiji times dated 25th august 2018 HARD DRUG WORRY it stated that students this days are more towards the money making process where they turn up on streets to sell meths thou students are attending schools but in the evening they go out on streets on buy or sell this drugs. Further, discussing the causes of the intake of drugs is peer pressure where the students start to take in or consume drugs. Students start taking in drugs by the influenced or to feel cool and impress their friends.

For instance if their friends are smoking marijuana they will probably be expected to smoke too and if they snort cocaine they will all offer it to their friends to at list try once. Sometimes friends say you are scared or you are acting like a baby just to push you inward to try such drugs. Then after some time to be part of the group that particular friend does what their friends are doing just to fit in and follow the crowd.

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They don’t want to be the only one not doing something even if it is something dangerous like taking drugs.Secondly is just the students want to try for pleasure where they do experiments in life so once a teenager come to know that one of the drug is the hottest or new in the market they becomes too curious to try so they will try to experience them for themselves. They have heard that drugs is different and can be of fun or makes them feel different so buy that new product. They see drugs on media TV and movies everyday so it diverts their mind thus many young people encounter them at school. It is not usual to be interested about somewhat you see and hear about so often, students consume drugs because of their curiosity.Thirdly, is the media the biggest ever promoter for the drug intake for instance cigarette has its health effect stated on the packet but the media promotes it as a healthy product. While they are advertising they feel it’s cool to enhance their production where they give guidance as how to use these products very clearly the instructions are given so this becomes eye-catching and the students know since they have their literacy level high they have or feel no harm in try by following the instructions.

Sometimes the media is indirectly supports drug abuse by showing ads on tv that glorify drug use. So when students see their role models portraying such adds they can hold themselves from doing such things.


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