The literature deemed immoral by society.“The storm” and

The Unjust Classification of Literature The content of literature has been criticized and classified throughout history.

Occasionally, stories become known as immoral literature in the eyes of society.This can be damaging both to sales of the book and the reputation of the author.Kate Chopin wrote two stories that are examples of literature deemed immoral by society.“The storm” and “The Story of an Hour” were written and the end of the nineteenth century.

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A time without many liberal opinions towards literature, as well as civil rights.Often critics judge a piece of literature only on the literal meaning of the phrases inside, while ignoring the actual message from the author.Chopin’s two stories were criticized for the impression she gave of woman’s attitudes towards their husbands and marriage.

Although her stories seem to contain women that do not respect marriage, the women actually have total love and respect for their husbands The misinterpretation of stories leads to the unjust classification of literature as immoral. “The story of an Hour” and “The Storm” have different plots, but both convey a similar message from Chopin.“The Story of an Hour” was written about a wife ,Mrs. Mallard, who receives the sad news of her husbands death.

She is flushed with conflicting emotions of sadness from the death, but also joy for the freedom from marriage that his death brings.A twist in the story takes place when she is confronted with her still living husband and she dies from the shock.Chopin wrote of a woman so caught up in married life, she forgot all of the liberties that she had sacrificed for the marriage.“The storm” tells of another wife, Calixta, living what was a normal life for a woman in the late nineteenth century.

While her husband and son are kept inside a store by a passing storm, Calixta is greeted unexpectedly by an old boyfriend, Alcee.Spending time with Alcee releases feelings from Calixta that had been building up throughout her marriage.Calixta and Alcee give in to temptation, but never lose their sight of love for their families.Both stories suggest women in marriages sometimes feel imprisoned by the relationship and seek an outlet for their emotions. Marriage is a sacred bond and should always be honored.Infidelity is the worst act that can be perpetrated on a significant other.

The wife, Calixta, betrayed her family and the church by cheating on them.Also, Mrs. Mallard experiences joy at the suffering and death of her husband.Both women commit acts that are both dishonorable and disrespectful to marriage and their families. Chopin suggests Calixta and Alcee enjoyed and took pleasure in dishonoring their marriage vows.

“The generous abundance of her passion, without guile or trickery, was like a white flame which penetrated and found response in depths of his sensuous nature that had never yet been reached.”The emotions felt during their love making overwhelmed Calixta and gave her an orgasm, which her husband had not.The passion created by Calixta and Alcee created conflicting feelings like a separate storm inside the house.Moments of weakness do not excuse infidelity in a marriage.

Calixta shared something with Alcee, something that should only be shared by married woman with her husband. Understanding the stifling feelings that marriage can bring is essential to understand what conjures up feelings of confinement.The story could also be interpreted with another point of view.Alcee and Calixta may have shared a physical connection, but never really shared their love with each other.

Calixta was living her life in times of tension.Calixta was in a situation that figuratively, left her gasping for air.The marriage life for a woman did not offer many options.

Women did not have a choice to find a well paying job and support a family.Women were often confined to housework such as cooking, cleaning, and other house maintenance.Being restricted to only house work may have reduce the level of self-esteem of the women.

Alcee found Calixta at a vulnerable time in her life.However, the isolated incident she had with Alcee did not drive her away from her husband , but reminded her of her love and commitment for her family. Chopin displays Calixta’s love for her son.“She had clasped Bibi and was kissing him effusively.”Calixta held her son tightly and poured out her love for her son.In addition, Chopin reveals Calixta’s lasting love for her husband.“Bobinot’s explanations and apologies which he had been composing all along the way, died on his lips as Calixta felt him to see if he were dry, and seemed to express nothing but satisfaction at their safe return.All of Bobinot’s worries melted away, as Calixta embraced his return with open arms.Calixta’s love.

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