THE TECHNOLOGY COURSE: Introduction to data communication


0 limitations5.0 location of gaming center6.0 topology7.0 architecture8.0 type of games9.

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0 assumption of games9.1 offline games9.2 online games10.0 hardware components10.1 personal computers10.

2 server10.3 transmission media10.4 router10.5 switch10.

6 cable connectors10.6.1 for a straight through10.6.2 for a fiber optic cable10.

7 network tools11.0 software11.1 for personal computer11.2 for server12.0 security12.

1 router security requirement13.0 switching technology14.0 back up15.

0 time management software16.0 network floor plan17.0 Gantt chart18.0 referencesINTRODUCTIONA Lan gaming center is a business center where computers are connected together to form a local area network on which multiplayer computer games can be played for a fee a fee. The most appealing thing that users need is that a game plays smoothly without a lagging, therefore order to allow customers to play online and LAN games with lowest connection latency, the selection of network topology and architecture is important. Due to the gaming center is going to implement 30 gaming computer for the customer, the right topology and architecture allow customer to play online and LAN game smoothly.

To play an online game with smooth connection, it is required to have good bandwidth of connection speed. Therefore, choosing the suitable package among other Internet Service Provider will be based on the connection speed.To build a complete and working network for the gaming center, the major component of network cannot be missed out, which is computer, software, network interface device, and transmission media. Each of the components has different responsibility in order for a network to be complete.SCOPEThe scope of this project is simply everything to do with networks in the LAN gaming center and these include network floor plan, assumption of games, software, hardware components, switching technology, installations and testing.

ASSUMPTIONSBelow are some of the assumptions of the gaming center and network that will be implemented;• The gaming center will be providing high-end game to customer allowing them to play offline, online, and LAN games in the gaming center.• The gaming center is capable of hosting tournament for different types of online and LAN games.• The computer specification is sufficient enough for most of the high-end game.• The connection bandwidth is capable to handle over 35 computers in the gaming center.• The network topology, architecture and device recommended is able to achieve the terms of scalability and flexibility to provide room for expansion in future.

LIMITATIONSThere is some of limitation of the network that may require specialist or admin with relevant knowledge to solve the problem. These limitations include;The networks may fail if the centralized device is encountering a problem. This may affect all computers that are connected to the device.

Network congestion problem may occur when huge numbers of users try to access the server to obtain the resource from the server.When the server is down or damage, it is unable to handle and provide response to the request by the customer such as starting a game.LOCATION OF THE GAMING CENTERThe gaming center should be located in an area having a lot of schools, colleges, universities, major train and bus routes, stations and other major busy areas, in fact students are mostly the primary customers. It also could help to be close to a places that serve food, like pizza, hungry lion, cream lands etc.

and if possible, have a chat with some of the fast food outlets and other stores in the area and see if some sort of agreement can be setup.The gaming center should not be set up in high competitive areas having a lot of gaming centers already.TOPOLOGYThe design of a network (both physical and logical) is the arrangement of the devices that will make up a network and how data is transmitted through the network. Basically the type of network topology I recommend the star topology which is a connection in which each device has a dedicated point to point connection with a central device e.g.

switch or hub.I recommend a star topology for the following reasons;• Star topology the failure of one network does not affect the others, it’s robust.• The network is centralized and that helps to monitor and manage the performance of the network.

• It’s easy to connect devices• Level of flexibility and expandability is high because multiple star can combine as a hierarchical star.ARCHITECTUREThe architecture I suggest implementing in the gaming center would be client-server architecture. Client-server architecture is it’s a network that uses a server to enable clients share resources, storage and devices. This architecture allows multiple users to submit request at the same time, and the server is able to react to the request and provide result to user requested accordingly.The reason of implementing client-server architecture to the gaming center is due to the resource will be kept in the server that should be connected to the same network with the user’s computer.

If the gaming center decides to expand and add more computers to the network, it would be very easy to configure and it won’t affect other client’s connection with the server.TYPE OF GAMEThere are basically three types of computer games; offline, online games. Offline games is referring to any games that can played without connecting through the internet. Whereas an online game is referring to any type of game that can be played through Internet and play or compete against other players.

Both offline and online games can be LAN game. A LAN game is referring to any types of game that can played with other players within the certain area whereby user’s computer is connected to a same network.Every game has its own requirement, thus for player to play games without any problem relies on the requirements that I will divide as type of operating systems, processor, and type of graphic card, size in GBs of RAM, hard disk space, and also DirectX version.

ASSUMPTION OF THE TYPE OF GAMESHere is an assumption of the types of games to be played;• Offline games? Devil May Cry 4? Euro truck simulator 2? Grand theft san Andrea’s• Online games? Sudden Attack SEA.? League of Legends.? Wolf team.? Metin2.? Combat Arms.

? Point BlankHARDWARE DEVICES 1. Personal computers.Basically the objectives of the Gaming center are to provide good service in terms of game playing satisfy customers thus gaining profit. For a customer to be satisfied he/she hopes to play games without any connection latency problem, or display lagging problem during the game.Therefore, the minimum computer specification for the gaming center should be;• Central processing unit (CPU) at least Intel Core [email protected] 3.20GHz.

• Random access memory (RAM) at least an 8 GB DDR-3 SDRAM.• Graphics card AMD Radeon RX 560.• Flat panel active display screen with at least a 15.

6-inch FHD (1,920 x 1,080) anti-glare, wide-view 144Hz panel.• Storage at least a 512GB M.2 SSD. For all these specifications I recommend Alien ware Aurora personal computers and this is because Alien ware products are specially designed for gaming.CHOICE OF PC AND VENDOR BY COMPARISONSVENDOR ComparisonALLIENWARE The computers are designed solely for gaiming,they manufacture high performance graphics cards, random access memory ,there computers have a good cooling system etc.HP There computers are mostly made for office work and professional tasks.

LENOVO There are made for general tasks. 2. ServerA server is a central computer that holds program instructions and data bases to connect and supply services to clients. In order for gaming center to keep the important data and information I highly recommend to implement a server in the gaming Centre.

Server also allow to store the games that will be played by the customers. Customers are able to play any games that are already installed on the server, by choosing and click on the games shortcut inside the computer. The model of server I recommend to implement in the gaming center is Dell PowerEdge R515 2U Rack Server. It is suitable for storing database, application, email and others file. This model of server consists up to 25TB of internal storage space.

And is easy to manage with the help of dell management console, and interactive LCD screen and other features to allow administrator to monitor and maintain the server frequentlyThe minimum requirements for a server are;• Processor at least an AMD OpteronTM 4100 series processors.• Internal storage at least 10 to 25terabyte. (10TB-25TB)• An interactive LCD screen to allow administrator to monitor and maintain the server frequently.

• Memory at least Up to 128GB (8 DIMM slots) 1GB/ 2GB/ 4GB/ 8GB Up to 1333MHz.• Hard drive options a 3.5″ SAS (15K), near line SAS (7.

2K), SATA (7.2K).• Embedded Network Controller At least One Dual-Port Broadcom 5716 Gigabit NIC (total of two 1x GB ports) Drive Bays• Hot swap options Up to eight or twelve 3.

5″ SAS or SATA, or 2.5″ SAS or SSD drives Slots• PCIe G2 slot + 1 storage slot: ? One x8 slots? Two x4 slots ? One x4 Storage slot• Power rating a Redundant 750W hot-plug power supply.• Graphic at least Maxtrox G200eW w/8MB Chassis.

• 8 HDD Chassis: 3.40 H x 17.19 W x 24.

09 D (in), 86.4 H x 436.6 W x 610.2 D (mm).• 12 HDD Chassis: 3.42 H x 17.

53 W x 26.17 D (in), 86.7 H x 445.2 W x 664.6 D (mm).3.

TRANSMISSON MEDIATransmission media refers to anything that can transmit signals from the source to the destination. there are two types guided and unguided media.Guided media refers to media that provides a physical conduit between the communicating devices. The type of transmission media I recommend is guided particularly the unshielded twisted pair cable (UTP) UTP is a cable that two conductors twisted together to cancel out cross talk which is the mixing of signals from one cable to another. They are quite a number of UTP cable categories.

The reason of having UTP to be implement in the gaming center is due to the cost for the cable is cheap compare to other type of cables and is easier to install as well. It also can support multiple signals travelling through the same cable. Since it will also include online gaming and games have a lot of graphics I recommend to use Category 6 which consists of four pairs of 24 American Wire Gauge (AWG) copper wires. Which is currently the fastest standard for UTP.

The type of UTP should be a straight through cable because connection will be between dissimilar devices, such as router to switch and switch to computer. To connect to the internet service provider, I recommend a single-mode fiber optic cable to receive signals to the backbone of the network and this is because it has a high throughput, transmit signals with high frequency and can transmit signals over a long distance.4. ROUTERA router is a device that directs signals or data when two or more networks are connected together. The minimum requirements for a router I recommend are; • Speed of Up to 5332Mbps • At least 4 Ethernet ports, 1 WAN port, 1 USB 2.

0 port, 1 USB 3.0 port • RAM capacity of 4096MB• Tech: Tri-Band / MU-MIMO / Beamforming / smart connect. • A Central Processing Unit (CPU) 1.4GHz Dual Core• Phone App: Quick Router Setup App With all these requirements in mind the router that I recommend implementing is the D-Link AC5300 Ultra Router.

5. SWITCHA switch is a device that connects other devices to a network. A switch is a full duplex device this means it allows the transfer of data to both directions at the same time.

Thus each device utilizes its full bandwidth, which is the measure of the difference between the highest and the lowest frequency transmitted by a medium. A switch also transmits data an intended recipient.The minimum requirements for a switch are;• Should contain; 48 ports which mean that it capable to handle 48 devices at a time which is just okay since the total number of computers to be connect is 30 in the gaming lounge,5 in the administrative office and a server.• Should have 4 expansion ports: 2 10/100/1000BAST-T and 2 SFP slot. The switch that I recommend using is a 48 port cisco switch, it meets all these requirements.6.

CABLE CONNECTORS• FOR A STRAIGHT THROUTH? For the UTP straight through cable the is the registered jack-45(RJ-45) which is a keyed connector that can only be inserted in one way. • FOR A FIBER OPTIC CABLE? A cable connector is a straight-tip (ST) connector to connect the end of a cable to a networking device.7. TOOLSThe tool needed is a multipurpose tool that can be used for stripping the wires jacket and cut the wires into specific length and crimping RJ-45 connecter, to seal the wires of UTP in correct place within the jack.A cable tester to test the perform a test on the cable when successfully crimped.SOFTWARE• FOR COMPUTERSThe software that I recommend implementing is Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit installed in every computer inside the gaming center due to user friendliness, less power hungry and less software and hardware incompatibilities.

• FOR SERVERThe software I recommend for the server is Linux and this is for security purposes, security threats are easily caught with Linux. And this is because it supports internet connectivity, internal Web sites, remote access, file and printer sharing, backup and restore to secure all the resource that installed in the server.I also recommend that the games software be installed on the server for easy maintenance, installation and to provide customers access to the games at once.• In order to support all computer games DirectX needs to be installed on the computers, I recommend DirectX 11.

SECURITY• For securing all computers from attacks and hacks by viruses I recommend to install Kaspersky anti-virus 2018 which is the latest and suitable ant-virus to protect the computers in gaming center.? ROUTER SECURITY REQUIREMENTS.The security requirements a router needs to have are;? Onboard hardware acceleration for VPN encryption.? Secure collaborative communications with Group Encrypted Transport VPN, Dynamic Multipoint VPN, or Enhanced Easy VPN.

? Identity management using authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA), and public key infrastructure.SWICTHING TECHNOLOGYSwitching is a component of a network’s logical topology that determines how connections are created between nodes. There are three methods for switching: circuit switching, message switching, and packet switching.I personally recommend we use packet switching, which is a switching technology that breaks data into packets before they are transported.

Packets can travel any path on the network to their destination, because, each packet contains the destination address and sequencing information. Consequently, packets can attempt to find the fastest circuit available at any instant. They need not follow each other along the same path, nor must they arrive at their destination in the same sequence as when they left their source.The greatest advantage to packet switching lies in the fact that it does not waste bandwidth by holding a connection open until a message reaches its destination, as circuit switching does. And unlike message switching, it does not require devices in the data’s path to process any information.

Ethernet networks and the Internet are the most common examples of packet-switched networks.SWITCHING TECHNOLOGYPACKET SWITCHING MESSAGE SWITCHING CIRCUIT SWITCHINGDoes not waste bandwidth by holding a connection open until a message reaches its destination. It requires that each devicein the data’s path has sufficient memory and processing power to accept and store the informationbefore passing it to the next node.

Bandwidth is wasted by holding a connection open until a message reaches its destination.Each packet can use any route to reach the receiver since it contains destinations address and sequencing information Data follows one after the other through the same path. Data follows each other in a que through the same path.BACK UPData needs to be stored somewhere to safe keep it, therefore with the advancement of technology there are cloud-based backup solutions that allow us to store our data on the cloud on the internet.

There are a number of them to choose from and these include;• Dropbox. It is a cloud-based backup solution. Which offers a free plan offer of just 2GB of storage. It also offers a 1TB plan for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year and many other services.

It supports nearly every device—iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows, and has a usable web interface for impromptu access. Even more than that, it supports files of all types and lives inside of a single folder on your computer. What’s particularly useful about Dropbox and the other cloud-based solutions on our list is that you don’t need separate external backups.

Because Dropbox syncs across multiple devices and the main Dropbox server, you already have redundancy and don’t need to manually backup files.• OneDrive it’s Microsoft offered by Microsoft, it provides a 15GB for free users. Anything stored in the OneDrive folder syncs with Microsoft’s servers and OneDrive folders on all of your other devices. The biggest drawback to OneDrive is that it seems half-baked in comparison to the more polished offerings from Dropbox. The paid plans start at $1.99 a month for 100GB and goes up to $6.

99 a month for 1TB.• Google Drive Google Drive is also a cloud-based software with dedicated apps for most of the major operating systems. It also has a full-featured website that’s existed in numerous iterations since its start as Google Docs. It allots 15GB to every single Google Drive.

That’s over seven times the storage offered by the free Dropbox plan. Drive offers quite a few paid storage plans that range from 100GB to 30TB. The former is $1.99 a month and the latter costs a whopping $299.99 a month. It’s great that Google allows you to tailor your monthly cost to your personal needs. and, you still get the initial 15GB of free storage allotted to all accounts.TIME MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE AND CLIENT SOFTWARETime management software is software used to manage time. It’s going to keep track of the time that a user begins a game to the time a user is going to end. The software will even alert the play in advance when the game is about to end.The software that I recommend using is both a client and time management software and this is My Cybercafé.My Cybercafé is a professional management solution for Internet cafes. Its features include:• This tool controls the time usage of the game consoles and computers.• The limits the customer activity according to the desire of the administrator: it can hide desktop icons, access to the system, and the Windows button.• It efficiently manages customer accounts, security, program usage, and games as well. • It comes with customizable pricing with prepaid and postpaid accounts, refills, and prepaid codes.• it offers client remote control and various options targeted at security.NETWORK FLOOR PLANThis is a physical plan of the network, with all its devices, cable and how they will connect each device. GANTT CHARTThis is a chart that shows the number of activities to be performed in given period of time, it is very important for the success of a project. REFFERENCES• Tmara dean, 2010, Network guide to networks, Boston USA, Course Technology.• Leon-Garcia and Indra Widjaja, 2004, Communication Networks: Fundamental Concepts and Key Architectures, McGraw-Hill.• Behrouz A. Forouzan, DeAnza College, 2012, Data Communications and Networking, 5th edition, McGraw-Hill.• William Stallings, 2011, Data and Computer Communications 9th edition, USA,Prentice HalL.• Kent, S.L. (2001). The ultimate history of videogames: from Pong to Pokémon. Roseville,CA: Prima Publishing.•• Soltis, Leigh (November 28, 2006). “Gaming room provides students hours of entertainment”. FocusEMU Online. ••••• Mir, N.F. (2006) Computer and Communication Networks, Prentice Hall.• Goleniewski, L. (2006) Telecommunications Essentials, Addison Wesley Professional.


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