The the peaceful settlement of the conflict.

The United Nations Security Council is an organization that deals with the immediate and series crises. The Security Council was met in church House, in London, The Council’s membership included five parliament members: The republic of china, Soviet union, France, The United States and the United Kingdom.

Later on the General Assembly had added six non-permanent members: Australia, Mexico, Egypt, Netherlands, Brazil and Poland. The United nations security council (UNSC) is one of the major organs of the United Nations .Consistent with article 24 of the United Nations Charter, the foundational treaty of the United Nations and the United Nations member states have conferred the primary obligation of preservation of the global peace and security to the security council and feature agreed that this body in order to carry on this task. According to this the Member States accepted to carry out the decisions and rules of the Security Council according to article 25 of the Charter. Other organs of the United Nations can only make recommendations to governments, the UNSC is the only organ that is able to issuing resolutions which are legally binding on all other member states.As we have said that the main aim for the Security Council is to maintain the international peace and security when there is a conflict, so there is a specific actions the Security Council should take to achieve its goals which is to recommend to the parties that should reach agreements through peaceful concepts.

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It could hire special representatives, or can also ask the secretary-general to hire special representatives, and can set some ideas and new means for the peaceful settlement of the conflict. When a dispute ends in combating the UNSC will try to bring it to a stop as quickly as possible. Since its establishment the UNSC had fifteen members which was mentioned before: Republic of China, France, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Which are known as and the holders of “veto power” and the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. The initial reason for the inclusion of the “veto power” within the Charter came to prevent the United Nations to take any direct movements towards or against any of its principle founding participants. But the use of the “veto power” has become distant from the main initial motive and it turned into a defensive country wide interests of the everlasting members or their strategic allies. The “Veto power” has been responsible for the silence of the UNSC on some main global conflicts which includes the Iraq War in 2003, The Georgia conflict in 2008, The bloodbath of Sri Lankan in 2009 and the recent Syrian struggle, Despite the fact that the problem of Israel-palestine war is mentioned at the agena of the Security council this body has no longer been a hit in condemning the violence, the insecurity, and the settlement activities through issuing resolutions.This illustrates the undemocratic nature of the “veto power” as it is given to specific countries in order to achieve their main interests and goals.There are some tools that the United Nations Security Council uses in order to achieve its main interests, The Media plays an important role in the life of the conflict,often producing international pressure for action to address man-made disasters or to head off cataclysms, including those concerning North Korea and Iraq and potentially involving weapons of mass communication.

The cable News Networks (CNN) has done so much through its weekly program which is known as “the Diplomatic License” to make the Council and its decisions more understood and clear for humans. The British Broadcasting (BBC) has consistently sought to interpret insightfully iconic images of council ambassadors meeting in the fabled council chamber and then delivering themselves of competitive but often misleading pronouncements on the proceedings. The media influence the council most strongly through its member states. Governments react to public pressure, largely, they’re averse to risk. Thus, when any crises develop and public pressure to address them builds through the media, a default option for the governments is to delegate to multilateral organizations such as the United Nations responsibility to respond.

The UN charter also gives the security Council the primary responsibility for the global protection, peace and security, the Council can set up a UN peacekeeping operation. UN peacekeeping operations are deployed on the premise of mandates from the United Nations Security Council. Their tasks differ from state of affairs to another, relying on the nature of the conflict and the particular challenges it provides.The Charter of the united Nations is known as the foundation for all the united nations work,as it was mentioned that its main purpose is to maintain and save the international peace and security.According to the UN Charter the peacekeeping can be achieved through: the stabilization of conflicts after a ceasefire for example, in order to create an calm environment for the parties to achieve a peace agreement.Implementing peace agreements in an easy way,States should be led by stable governments which are democratic with effective authority.


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