The enjoys her easy and effortless style. Personally,

The Understanding on Sense and SensibilityJane Austen, one bright and attractive young woman, left us six perfect novels in English literature , each of which is successful and impressive. There is no choosing between them for one who enjoys her easy and effortless style. Personally, “Sense and Sensibility” is my favorit. In this work there is no herotic passions and adventures but quiet irony and simple delicate analysis of character.

It is the story of two sisters in one family. Elinor was the oldest girl and Marine was the second to Elinor. They originally lived at Norland, a giant estate. Their father died and in his will he left Norland to his only son John Dashwood who was from his first marriage. John’s wife, Fanny, a very greedy and selfish woman, didn’t welcomthe two girls and their mother. Then they moved to a cottage on Barton Park where the two girls both fell in love. How each sister reacts in the face of their love adversities is the essentially plot of this novel.

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“Sense and Sensibility”, the title is a metaphor for the two main characters. Elinor represents sense while Marine represents sensibilty. In the early, Elinor didn’t share her feelings.

When Edward came in the story, there was an immediate attraction, but she kept it secret. When Edward had to leave , she still hid her feelings and said noting to Edward. Edward didn’t show up as he promised when he left , Elinor cried her whole heart out . From here , we can learn that Elinor can get emothinal too. Marine kept on nagging Elinor for not share her feelings. Finally, Elinor showed her emotions that she was heart broken after she found that Edward had a fiancee—Lucy. Marine, on the other hand,followed her heart. When she first met Colonel Brandon, it was obviously that he was in love with her at the first sight.

Marine,showed very clear that she was not intested in such an old man like him. However, when Marine met handsome Willoghby, they fell in love with each other. Marine didn’t hide her feelings on Willoghby to anyone. But, Willoghby didn’t think that he could marry her because of her social class and poverty. This almost killed her as she finally realized that Colonel had always been there, she fell in love with him.My favorite character is Colonel Brandon.i think he is much like Elinor in a way. He didn’t show his emotions a whole lot, but he talked to people his problems.

He was so depressed to hear and know.

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