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The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male was a human experimental clinical case study. The study was conducted in 1939. They surveyed 399 syphilis infected black men and 201 uninfected black men as the controlled group. All surveyed in the study were uneducated with no formal education. The implications and method of the trail was never disclosed to the men. The men were told they had “bad blood” and the government there to help treat them and promised treatment. While the study was under investigation, effective treatment for the disease became available. Treatment for the studies participants were withheld. The study lasted for 40 years. The focus of this paper is nursing research and nursing ethics. The author will provide an initial response to the Miss Evers’s Boys. He will discuss: the role of nurse in the film and how the video will influence his role as a nurse researcher. Lastly, he will provide examples of ethical principles of beneficence, justice, and respect for human dignity and how they were disregarded in the video.

Miss Evers’s Boys
The film Miss Ever’s Boys, is 2 hours long, however, it took me 3.5 hours to watch it. This was a very emotion film; whereas I needed to take continuous breaks just to get through the film in entirely. The first time I heard about the Tuskegee study was back in in high school 10 years ago in my African American history class. At that time, I just thought it was a sad time in history. Yet, different emotions came over me as I began to watch the movie. I literally had tears in my eyes. This was not something that took place 100’s of years ago, but only 80 years ago something so absurd and unnecessary took place in our own back yard. I began to think about my childhood and my grandmother always saying how she didn’t trust the government or doctors. Now I truly understand why. The young men that participated in the study were taken advantage of, lied to and died because they trusted what was being told to them. To add insult to injury they were given a 50-dollar life insurance policy and a coffin. A very sad time in US History.
The Nurses Role
Miss Eunice Evers was the coordinating nurse of the Tuskegee study. At the beginning of the study when she was appointed the position, she was informed the United States government was trying to end the epidemic of syphilis in the negro population. She drove through the town of Macon County Alabama building a rapport and recruiting young black men to be subjects of the study. Miss Evers was diligent, optimistic and naïve. After she found out the that the government was pulled the funding and the men was not going to receive treatment she wanted inform the men of what was going on. She played a pivotal role within the study. Without nurse Evers building a report with men or evening informing the men the whole study would have failed and ended. She felt obligated to stay. This was an era where nurses only did as the doctor ordered and she followed the doctors order up until the end. However, she did not abide by her nurse’s oath when she withheld treatment for the men under her care. nursing research have come a long way since the 1930’s. Nursing now is a more respected validated profession. Yes, we still follow physician’s orders but only when they are conducive to the plan of care. We currently have more policy’s and protocols with the code of nursing ethics being one. This film influenced me to always stay true to myself and the patients under my care, keep the patients informed and to always see the patients as a person.
Ethical Principles
The film Miss Evers’s Boys disregarded the three ethical principles of beneficence, justice, and respect for human dignity. Beneficence is

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