Sarah Dessen384 pages I really

The Truth About ForeverBy: Sarah Dessen384 pages I really liked this book for many reasons.

First of all, this book was really easy to get into.I found wanting to just read this book instead of doing my everyday activities.I was quite sad when it ended.This book is about an average girl named Macy who lives with her mom.Her dad died and Macy, her mom, and her sister never really healthfully grieved about it.Macy has isolated herself from her friends and has devoted all her time to what she thought was her perfect boyfriend, Jason.

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Jason was very smart, organized, and nearly perfect.When her boyfriend leaves for camp and eventually puts their relationship on hold, Macy finds time for something new.She takes a part time job for a catering company with a bunch of crazy people that Macy isn’t used to.She likes the freedom and the feeling of not trying to be perfect around them.Macy finds herself making great friends from the catering company and starts falling for one of her co-workers, Wes.She finally becomes the happy person she used to be before her father‘s death.

Macy’s mom doesn’t like the change in her and she doesn’t like her new friends or her new job.Eventually they all give in and once they grieve over their fathers death, they get past it and move on happily with life like their father would have wanted.Macy learns that the truth about forever isn’t trying to be perfect, its about living your life.This book had a great storyline, I enjoyed it a lot, and I could relate.

My favorite character in this book would probably be Kristy.She worked at the catering company, Wishbone Catering, that Macy takes a part time job in.Kristy and Macy became really good friends during the story.Kristy was one of those laid back girls who enjoyed living her life to the fullest.She was a good influence on Macy and helped her to find her truth about forever.Kristy is.

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