The True Effects the Hip Hop Culture Ha hellip essay

Granted I do not feel Hip Hop it to blame, do feel the negativity of the hip hop culture has been glorified to the point it has a counter effect on our adolescent black children.

Through hip hop media is brainwashing out black youth and keeping this ethnic group at the bottom of social status. Many social workers deal with this culture daily and see the results of what hip hop media is doing to adolescent development. “Keep in mind when broth’s start flexing their verbal skills, it always reflects what’s going on politically, socially, and economically- Musician Heavy DIn order for one to understand the impact the Hip Hop Cutler has on adolescents, one must first learn the history of the culture.

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Hip Hop is a large platter of artistic forms that emerged from the normalization of Black and Latino American cultures. The artistic forum has four distinct dimensions of which the Hip Hop Culture was founded on; Rap (oral), Turntable’s (aural), Break Dancing (physical), and Graffiti Art (visual). Hip Hop originated in the slums of the New York Southeast Bronx in 1973.Hip Hop become a healthy common way for middle class young black and Latino Americans to molly express there self though a recreational outlet. Hip Hop was birthed from a time of oppression, prejudice, and political realities of disenfranchised youth, unjust laws, and the unsaid underlining of historical unfortunate opportunities. Hip Hop is what can be considered a blend of the new and old. With the use of sampling of blues, salsa, and rock & roll ideas and records as the most important part of this musical form, to expresses the feelings and attitude of the artist for the modern audience.Through commercial conation hip hop has become worldwide culture.

Through the evolution Of the culture, a young man of Jamaican decent by the name Cool DC Here first introduced hip hop at his little sisters Halloween party. DC Here introduced the traffic Dicing (using vinyl records to stretch out a song’s drum break by playing two or more records at the same time to create rhythmic beat loops) musical form while shouting words over the beat to entertain the audience getting the crowd hype”.Hip Hop in many ways became its own world.

DC Cool became known as the father of hip hop coining the terms Mincing, Dicing, B- boning, and graffiti writing. By 1980 hip hop had been vamped by taking what DC Here had done with the turn table and added breaking, and scatting/ playback, more amps and rapping to the musical genre. The Sugar Hill Gang was one of the first groups to embrace the revamped hip hop culture and made the cross over to national airways with their song Rappers Delight.Along with trending music graffiti writing became a common way for b- boys to claim their territory throughout the Bronx in which made musical billboard headlines.

Raps is rooted in the African long standing of historical traditions carried by; historians, lyrical fetishism, and lattice advocacy. Back in slavery days slaves would speak in rhyming games as a way to get encoded messages across without their masters finding out. Rhyming games were a way for slaves to express their intellectual creativeness while promoting hope.Rap with much of its roots in tacked came on the hip hop scene as rhythmic style of chanting or poetry (often presented in 16-bar measures or time frames) and beating, (a vocal technique mainly used to provide percussive elements of music and various technical effects of hip hop Des). Along with this submerge of the hip hop USIA arise an original form of dancing and particular styles of dress, and language among fans of this new music.

Like the African accent rappers used rap to spread news, of their daily life, dreams, and discontents outside of their immediate neighborhoods. Rap to be a way to promote change, advocacy, hope, and most of all a cry for help by the black culture. These elements experienced considerable adaptation and development over the course of the history of the culture. While rap is a form of entertainment it also has the ability to address political, social, and economic change throughout the African American working class.A lot Of what Was rapped about promoted positivist, culture empowerment, a life of prosperity, and the promotion of resistance to the subjugation society placed on this population. However, rap and the hip hop culture were birthed in a time of resentment where black youth felt generally dismissed, and misrepresented by mainstream media. The black youth were also the modern gate keepers of the African American working class history and concerns.

The generation of this time were in many ways underestimated and unseen.With this as a factor unlike County Western or Rock music that was less aggressive and hat could be could “less radical” rap exposed the reality use of profanity as well as graphic depictions of violence and sex and was viewed as a challenge to commercialism. In many opinions Rap was view as obscene instead Of as an artistically art form of what the black community was going through. For many hip hop was the only meal ticket out of the hood. In V. Bowel’s article: A social identity framework of American hip-hop cultural performance (2010) the mind set of one in the hip hop culture is depicted and exemplified very well.In hip-hop vernacular this social psychology process is akin to ‘going exit’, as in legitimizing oneself within mainstream society.

Social creativity involves a triad of processes that individuals may enact to improve group- based identity, irrespective of the permeability or impermeability of social strata. The processes include: 1 . Changing the dimension by which groups are compared such that circus- scribed dominant culture traits such as misogyny, hyper masculinity, and children out-of-wedlock are normalized and imbued with in-group social value.This legitimizing of unorthodox traits fortifies in-group social identity but does not challenge out-group dominance ND in fact can reinforce it via dissemination of racial group stereotypes premised upon hip-hop prototypes. 2. Often occurring in tandem with the first process, a second social creativity self- enhancement strategy involves altering the saliency of disparaged group Hip-hop referent self-enhancement strategy activation. Characteristics such that dominant group debasement is possessed and reinserted within the normalized group.Perhaps, the most ubiquitous example of this process would be the use of the N-word among hip-hop compatriots, as well as within the African-American community at argue.

More germane to hip-hop, and anathema to the dominant culture, violence, criminality and incarceration are recast as rights of passage and extolled as laudable bases of power. In essence, what is frowned upon in dominant society becomes praiseworthy within the normalized social group. In hip-hop vernacular this is akin to ‘flipping the script’, as in reversing the narrative by which a social group is characterized.Fundamentally, social creativity is the genesis of the hip-hop genre/ethos and the most frequently enacted self- enhancement strategy by its referents. Hip-hop’s mass- reduced representations spectacularly display urban black inventiveness. Problematically, via the dissemination of radicalized tropes, hip-hop’s social creativity improves collective integrator social identity by description the narrative, while its subversive discourse simultaneously reifies intercrop hegemonic social order. 3.Rather than challenge the dominant group, the final social creativity self- enhancement strategy entails shifting comparative strata to take on a fellow subordinate group.

Evidence suggests that the competition engendered by this self-enhancement strategy can be exceptionally brutal (Teasel & Turner, 1986). This finding correlates with hip- hop’s protracted basilicas feud between New York and California based artists. This early 1 9905 industry rivalry escalated into literal warfare, culminating in the still unsolved murders of two major celebrities, Outpace Shaker and Notorious B.I. G.

(a. K. A. Christopher Wallace), respectively of the west and east coast factions (Hugging, 2009; Osborne, 2008). While moderating in-group social identity, like other social creativity self- enhancement strategies, spurious competition between co-subordinate groups has no substantive implications for hegemonic. Before the centralization of hip hop local radio stations (AM stations) owned by local black businessmen possessed the freedom to promote hip hop.

Artist such as Ice Cube had a songs stood up to white racism, Ice- T made a song called “Cop Killer’ which was also around the time of the Rodney King incident expressing the resentment of the police brutality in the Los Angels inner city areas rhapsodies about visiting vengeance upon police in the lyrics: I’m bout to dust some cops off! COP KILLER, it’s better you than me COP KILLER, [expletive] police brutality COP KILLER, I know your family revving [expletive] COP KILLER, but tonight we get even … DIE, DIE, DIE PIG, [expletive] THE POLICE, yeah! Expletive] THE POLICE, for Darryl Gates.

DIE! . [expletive] THE POLICE, for Rodney King. [expletive] THE POLICE, for my dead homiest.

[expletive] THE POLICE, for your freedom. [expletive] THE POLICE, don’t be a [expletive]. [expletive] THE POLICE, have some [expletive] courage. [expletive] THE POLICE, sing along. Cop KILLER! Cop KILLER! Cop KILLER! Cop KILLER! COP KILLER! Haywood want be when you grow up? COP KILLER! Good choice-and, Public Enemy’s song “Fight the Power” encouraged Afro Americans to overcome come the oppression of society.Maybe the titles of the songs were harsh, however the message was clear then that Afro- Americans were not being treated fairly and their story was going to be herd.

In the late 8(Yes early ass’s hip hop was seen as valuable and as need in the Music Industry. The local radio stations that geared toward the Hip Hop culture were put out of business by powerful radio stations that were owned and controlled by business men outside of the community. This left local Do’s with no say in the presentation of the hip hop culture.Corporate America, which at the time was predominantly owned by White Americans had control over how the hip hop culture was projected. Once in the hands of business minded people searching for ways to expand on the culture in order to make the hip hop culture appealing to a larger scale audience the true hip hop culture was tarnished. By 1990 Rap and the Hip Hop Culture was reconfigured removing its historical context and through videos and Top 40 charts exploiting the oppression of the culture. Hip Hop was no longer an outlet for blacks to express their self nor about challenging governmental authority or encouraging social activism.Instead the hip hop culture became victim of another way for White Americans to be able to promote worthlessness among Afro- Americans, black on black crime, drugs usage and selling, and brainwash the black youth of America.

White America was able to get a choke hold on blacks without doing the act of oppression their self. Instead Corporate American enticed rappers through large deals with powerful record labels and large amounts of money to get rappers to play by Corporate Americas rules and rap about what they wanted rappers to rap about. In so many ways hip hop became a door to modern slavery.

American always played off of the good vs.. Evil stereotype and made the rap culture out to be the bad guy while white people were able to carry on as the good guy and superior race.

Now granted songs like cop killer were a bit much it showed then that there were bigger problems in the black community. These songs were not made to promote violence with in the culture but showed the evidence of what was already going on in these urban inner city communities. These were problems of equality, justice, and misrepresentation that were never truly addressed by society and in retune masked as black people are just lazy, worthless, and don’t want more for self.In societal views, modern hip hop / Gang Rap is characterized as being a nihilistic approach to the promotion of sex, drugs, violence, criminal activity, anti- feminism & exploitation Of women as objects, and not getting an education seen as acceptable norms in the black society. Many rappers saw modern rap as the understandable results of disparity these rappers live on a daily basis. With much talk of guns and gangs in gangster rap, being a gangster seemed to be the only way out of poverty and possessing a gun symbolized empowerment.This is similar to the prominence if the gun in reggae.

Reggae artist proved justification for the presence of the gun in reggae music. Reggae Artist known as Ranks states “they just be preaching about the gun, because we see the gun doing such damage within our circle and our society so we talk about the gun. This is no different than the gun in Gangster Rap. Through the one thing that was created to give black youths hope became the thing that created a generation of identity and role confusion.

Because Hip Hop roots were tarnished before ever truly hitting the big time on mainstream media many not understand the culture or the reasoning behind the violence, abuse, or graphical content including today’s black adolescent youth. The Problem. There are three problems the hip hop culture is having on African American adolescent children; the negative learned behavior, lack of education on society expectations, and the message that is sent through modern hip hop culture (style, coping mechanisms, language, and idea of norms).While the problems of deep economic inequalities are still present in the hip hop culture, a larger problem has been created.

The originating generation of hip pop culture are having children whom are enduring the same oppression issues if not wore then their parents. Today’s perished urban adolescent children are being raised into a world where positive role models don’t always exists. Today’s adolescent like those of the 80-ass’s are growing up in a time where there worldwide views are being shaped by deep economic inequalities divided largely along racial lines.Through the eyes of today’s African American adolescents and there depict on the hip hop culture we can see product of what Corporate American and society’s inequalities as a whole as had on the blacks of America since the beginning of the Hip Hop Movement. Theoretical Frameworks Chapter 6 of Dimensions of Human Behavior: The Changing Life Course volume: 4 by E. D. Hutchison and Contributors (p. 220-268) depicts the development of Adolescents very well.

G. Stanley Hall, an American Psychologist describes adolescents as a period of “storm and stress”, a period when hormones cause many psychological and social difficulties.Adolescents is a transition period between childhood and adulthood. This period in the life cycle is a compilation of transitional themes with in the dimension of persons ND environment; biological, psychological, social, and spiritual. Theses themes do not occur independently or without affecting one another.

Based the chapter new brain research found that adolescent brain undergoes another period of overproduction of gray matter right before puberty. The gray matter on the brain effect the adolescents interaction with individuals and the outside world (Johnson et al; Swell, Trainer, Games, & Jeering, 2002).The chapter states that the frontal lobe of the brain plays a major factor in cold cognition and hot cognition problem solving.

Cold cognition secures when adolescents are able to make decisions in a calm state. Hot cognition accrues in situations when teens are with friends. Emotions are running high. Human adolescents can be divided into 3 behavior changes; increased novelty seeking, increased risk taking, and grater affiliation with peers (Geed, 2009). Identity development is a person’s self- definition as a separate and distinct individual (Gardener & Kismet, 2008, p. 54).

Social identity is the part of the self- concept that comes from knowledge for one’s membership in a social group and the emotional significance of that membership. If the adolescent at the time of adolescents does not learn his/ her roles in society and self- identification it is very common to see a continuation of later role confusion in life. Adolescents develop a multicultural identity as they are exposed to diverse cultural beliefs, either through first-hand experience of through the media.The chapter discusses the theories of self and identity and the five common functions related to psychological identity; to provide a structure for understanding who one is, 2.

)Provide meaning and direction through commitments, vales and goals, 3. ) revive a sense Of personal control and free will, 4. ) TO enable one to strive for consistency, coherence, and harmony between values, beliefs, and commitments, 5. ) To enable one to recognize one’s potential through a sense of future possibilities and alternative choices.There are two theorist that explain the effect and importance ones environment in the adolescent phase; Jean Pigged and Lawrence Goldberg.

Both theories relate to a more abstract way of thinking and the belief adolescent children possess the ability of moral development. According to Pigged, all social facts can be reduced to interactions between individuals. Furthermore, all fundamental types of inter- individual interaction consist of either rules, values, or conventional signs; these correspond (respectively) to the cognitive, the affective and the symbolic aspects of individual behavior.Although Pigged begins his social theory with a discussion of the values of exchange, it turns out that such values (and signs) require normative rules to provide a rational foundation, just as the affective and symbolic realms require a cognitive grounding.

Values, according to Pigged, originate from the individual’s interests (desires). But in interacting with other persons, who have their own values, one will come to exchange values with them. As a result, values become systematized into larger regulatory structures that tend towards a reversible equilibrium (Kitchener, Richard F. Smith, Leslie, 1996). Goldberg shadowed off of Pigged theory in which he came up with moral reasoning/ principles. Goldberg believed that adolescents become capable of post conventional moral reasoning however due to environmental social rules many do not go beyond. In my opinion, Pigged and Kohlrabies theory on the adolescent train of thinking is absolutely correct.

A prime example it the black hip hop culture. Because of most of what they are exposed to is negativity or violence it is obvious they would morally think this is the way one is to conduct their self.It is most unfortunate because many of these children have no clue that their upbringing through this time and culture is setting them up for failure. Because of the impact our environment has on one mentally media has the ability to turn a child that knows right to still do wrong. Therefore when the child is brought up to do wrong via media and community the outcome should be expected to be worse. To me this is not something big secret no one know about, and surly not the people that put it on W.The hip hop culture is a victim of society and the adolescent children are the most valuable.

It like any other learned behavior it one is repeatedly exposed to something one will become accustomed to displaying the learned behavior. Analysis of Ethical issues The issues that arise in the social work practice relating to the hip hop culture are; lack of self-determination, lack of dignity and self-worth, and environmental interjections and obstacles. Self- worth is a major dilemmas cause that is something a social worker cannot make a client have.As explained through adolescent development a person’s environment plays a big role on how a person view there self.

Self- determination comes from all forms. There are those that come from poverty stricken areas that do well for their self. These people are rare. In this type of environment it is more common to see children who see the reality of the environment they are in and loose what hope ever existed. Self- determination comes from a drive with in one self. It can be taught but in the black culture it is common to see arena with lack of drive therefore the children grow up with lack of drive.It is hard on social workers in this case because we as a profession build off of clients drive and will to want better. Dignity and Self- Worth goes back to ones morals and values.

If an adolescent grow in a world where dignity and self- worth are not valued then the adolescent will not have it their self. In today’s world with the amount of technology available adolescents are easier enticed to do wrong. Many of times these children degrade there self-base off of correlating what they see in the media with what they see from their arenas.For example due to what the hip hop culture and environment is showing young adolescent girl primarily in the black culture that it is normal to wear clothes that reveal so much skin. Girls are now growing up thinking in order to get a husband one must have sex with men. Hip Hop music has an especially complex real- sections with single mothers. On the one hand, the presentation of baby mamma drama and single mothers as “goldfishes” is a misogyny- instinct devaluation of black women, and obscures the actual challenges single mothers face in US society.On the other hand, Hip Hop USIA is not the cause of increased numbers single mother households or the supposed disintegration of families.

Because of media and fathers not being present or showing positivist little boys grow up thinking if they become gangsters, disrespect women, and sell drug they have made it. A social worker can preach about self- worth all day however if the client desires to do else then that is what it is. Environmental interjections play a major role in the growth of ones identity.The hip hop culture as a whole is an example of this statement. Because of the harsh environmental interjections blacks and Latino were going through in the ass’s hip hop was created. Hip hop is built off of the struggle of the communities. The children that were raised in this time were crying for help and no one heard their cries. Because of this we now have a large number of lost adults who now have children.

It is not all the parents or the children fault for many of the things that come out of the black culture.The hip hop music is not wrong either, it is just mad of what the artist see and experience. For social workers the problems come in when the media is tell this culture the way they are living and being treated is k. The media has been glorifying and profiting off of the struggle of the hip hop community. It is almost inhumane if you think about it. The government will not help or give appropriate funding to help the hip hop culture to overcome their environmental obstacles. However harshly punish them for learning how to survive the situations they have been given.For example how can a social worker tell a 17 year old drop out to go back to school and stop selling drugs when his mother cannot afford to put food on the table.

A statement in the article “The Social Significance of Rap and & Hip Hop Culture” I found to e right on the head regarding Senator Joseph Lieberman however if feel is justifies the feelings of many government officials feelings towards the black community. The article stated, Senator Joseph Lieberman, who has attacked the music industry, special really rap music, for inciting violence youth.It was viewed Liebermann focus is on the symptom rather that the problem. Rap is part of a larger denial of where the real violence in children’s lives falls. Seen. Lieberman and his political parties cry crocodile tears over violence in children’s media and proceed to vote to cut down welfare funds for young hillier, encourage us to try juveniles as adults so they’re thrown into adult prisons, vote in favor of taking illegal immigrants’ children out of public schools, and do relatively little about the financial support that dead-beat fathers owe to their children.

We have a whole culture of economic deprivation and domestic violence, and these are the real problems confronting children. ” In conclusion Hip Hop is not the problem with the young black culture. It is more obvious today that the social structure of government is taking a huge toll on these communities. The more the media teaches these children it is DOD to be disrespectful, k to break laws, and not work towards then we will continue to have generations Of African Americans living below the poverty level.

The government portrays as if they are working to fix it but it is obvious where there loyalty. Fifth government wanted to do something to help this culture it wow’s a black social worker it is up to me and people to work together to overcome the hardships that have been placed on us. In order for there to be a change in this culture there must be an aggressive address of change regarding the problems of poverty, and prejudice. In order to better help the adolescents of today’s America and hip hop culture all must get on one page and stop building off of the breaking down of African American culture.For example look at the governmental system, the government is the main cause of there being poverty communities, there not being any since of hope, and the fact the government should have done something to help this group of people decades ago before the problems seen in this culture go worse.

With things like the attack on Welfare, Affirmative Action, funding for education and universal healthcare is very hypocritical for the government to have anything to say about the violence portrayed through the hip hop culture when the government is the root cause of 90% the problems exhibited with in this culture.By the government cutting programs to help alleviate the unequal opportunity to jobs, resources, and social mobility only aggravates the current problems more. In order to put an end to the problems expressed by some rappers in their lyrics and life style one must focus on providing services and opportunities that will combat the feeling of nihilism with in a lot of the American communities today. Social arrives must be supported, expanded, and reorganized to more effectively administer programs for those who have been economically and politically disadvantage before one can even consider the elevation of violence.Example of this type of implementation would be focused around addressing the basic needs of the urban working class with affordable housing, health care, and food. Another recommendation to improve the way of living for the hip hop culture is for the working class this culture to learn ways of making an honest living before getting out on one’s own.

There needs to be an increase in minimum wage. Due to the limited amount minimum wage jobs take care of many of times it is needed for parents or single parents to get more than one job.

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