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The”Brokeback Mountain” short story became known to the world throughthe New Yorker which was published in 1997. Proulx later published her work ina collection of short stories by the title “Close Range: WyomingStories.

” The production of the story as an adaptation by film-maker AngLee, made the story become known all over the world despite its presence forlong. The story has been labeled as a tale-telling the world about two gaycowboys.Thetale unfolds between the years of 1963 and 1982 in the State of Wyoming in theUnited States of America. The two main protagonists of the story are Jack andEnnis who were hired before reaching their twenties. They were employed uponthe Brokeback Mountain. The friendship between the two young men turns intoanother love affair in a society that is still shy to accept the practice. Theconsolation that they give each other is meant to tolerate the act as temporarybecause they confess to each other as not being queer.

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The two separate andreunite for trips where they hunt and fish together despite each having afamily to take care of at their respective homes. They make such vacations toavoid public scrutiny through which they would be hunted down and killed.Whereas Jack was more optimistic about living as a couple, Ennis seemed to beapprehensive in the matter. Getting caught to him would mean the end of it all.

The mountain provides the opportunity for them to engage in their affair. Thisaffair is disrupted by the sudden death of Jack.Whena major story plot is adapted for a movie shoot, the two compositions are setapart by the fact that the film developers have to expand the narrative andmake the story longer because its actual length is shorter by comparison. In sodoing, there are individual elements screenwriters add to tell the story andcapture the emotions of the viewers. The concept of Geographic Determinism isusually used to denote the attachment of a place to the culture of thesurrounding people.


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