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The treatment of Parkinson’s disease has been treat through levodopa therapy.L-dopa is among the first drugs to meet a specifically defined deficiency in brain tissue,the defiency having been determined by the examination of the brain tissues in deceased patients who had suffered from the disease.Dopamine also has been used as a treatment of this disease.But it could not be given to the patient anymore because of it is broken down readily in the intestine so L-dopa is the more stable drug to be used in Parkinson’s diseases treatment.L-dopa was found to be quite toxic in therapeutic doses.This will bring the patient under through physiological effect of the substances which they will felt in muscle,heart,intestine and blood pressure,as well as in brain,where the primary effect is desired.It was necessary because of it will block these peripheral actions and give a alternative way to L-Dopa to work in brain more effectively.This has been achieved the simultaneous use of carbaminodopa (carbidopa) or of benserazide,both of which inhibit extracranial activity of the L-Dopa.The simultaneous reactions from the carbaminodopa and of benserazide will make the L-Dopa drug in smaller doses to reaches the brain tissues and it is beneficial in just only giving the L-Dopa drug to the patients to avoid unwanted effects.However,the L-Dopa effects can be less long-lasting over the following years because of more nerve cells in the brain are lost so it will make the drugs are fewer to be absorbed.Long term use of L-Dopa also may contribute problems such as uncontrollable,jerky muscle movements (dyskinesia) and also “on-off ” effects may be occur which is sometimes patients with this disease are rapidly switches between being able to move (on) and being unable to move (off).The L-Dopa drug dosage is more safer to be used by the elderly compared to the younger neurological patients,and often as little as 400-500mg only may suffice to control symptoms and signs.This L-Dopa also may reduce the side effects of feeling sick (nausea) or vomiting,tiredness and dizziness.


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