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The Trans-Atlantic Interactions were a key to the progression of the British North American colonies economy yet there is a big difference between the Southern and Northern economies and how they developed their labor systems and functions. At first there is a change in the South American system and the system is made up of slaves being sent to the west indies that was owned by Great Britain and slaves would produce sugar to send to England and other countries, the money from the sugar would be used for buying more slaves. The plantations were small at that time so their labor would be from indentured servants.

Years went on and slaves became cheaper and easy to replace when they would die from the harsh plantation life. This all led to a major increase in the Southern Colonies and British West Indies.In the North American system, the main form of labor was indentured servants until Nathaniel Bacon led indentured servants to revolt that resulted to Jamestown’s fall. The rebellion taught the plantation owners to have everything under their control. After the indentured servants debt was paid, land owners looked to slavery for the labor of tobacco and ship it to england. South Carolina growth was very low until rice was discovered it grew outstandingly. The labor change was similar to the west indies and all the work necessary was brutal that slaves were being imported from the Africas.

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In the Southern American systems not much changed, they had a certain system that was use the slaves for the sugar production and would ship it to england and other countries and that’s how they would make their money and it would be used to get more slaves once the other slaves die from harsh plantations. The North American system changed much more by the time the revolt happened then indentured servants paid their debt and then rice was discovered as a major labor growth and the work was much more than expected. In conclusion, the South American colonies and English West Indies had a major increase in slaves while the North American colonies were able to keep the growth of the labor with also not needing many more slaves to work.


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