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The topic could start a forever lasting war! The long known question “Are cats better than dogs?” is about to be answered. For cats, it’s no contest: Their playfulness and independent personalities are the secret lure of some people.

There freaking amazing. Even some huge dog people have inched toward the light of the feline side, drawn by their low-maintenance lifestyle and excellence as lap decorations and lap warmers as they use our electronics as butt warmers..

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Why do cats best dogs? Why are cats better than dogs? Here’s a pawful of reasons why cats are better than cats. Cats make Let’s get rollin! First reason cars are better than dogs is because cats can’t bark or make superstitious loud sounds..

It impossible which is a awesome stuff for a pet to have, because then you are not surprisingly waken up at night by then pet making a mouthful of sounds. OH LOOK AN MOUSE! BARK BARK. I think that would be very annoying and could mess with your sleep and mental health. Plus, cats are not able to kill your neighbors with the loudness of a bark, because they usually do not make many loud sounds. If your pet does not make people go insane by barking at people nearby or just simply making noise, you do not get any mean phone calls telling you to “get your dog to shut up, Or i’ll call animal control!” and as a result, you’re in peace and you and your neighbors can have an relaxing sleep. Second reason cars are better than dogs is because cats cats do not need to be walked like an dog, they know how to keep themselves healthy and in shape in the house.

If you don’t have to take your pet for a walk, it saves you a lot of time. It’s pretty convenient don’t you say? Also, when you don’t have a dog that needs to get outside, you don’t have to pick up the turds they leave when they do their thing. As well as everything I have mentioned above, cats are very efficient.

They can clean themselves without any human help. Dogs, large dogs, can’t clean themselves. So you have to do it. This can be a painful and just annoying. I’ve groomed many dogs and boy oh boy they all HATED IT! Dogs can also dogs can also smell bad when they are wet, but the usual cat hardly smells at all.

While cars don’t smell, dogs smell like an chemical release.(save your nose) Also, cats are much more cautious than most dogs. They have an 6th sense, just kidding! This means that they will not eat random objects that are very bad for them, such as jump ropes or plastic bags. Since cats will not consume things that could be bad for them for them, their owners are spared the worry of their dog dying, the guilty feelings of putting their pet through surgery in order to get the offending item out, the expenses of all the trips to the vet, and the disgust as the dog regurgitates whatever it ate. Another reason I think that cats make the perfect pet rather than dogs is because they are self sufficient. Cats can take care of themselves.

When we take cats into our homes as pets, they don’t require much attention and then felines can take care on themselves.One more good reason that cats are better pets than dogs is because they do not have to be let outdoors to go the bathroom. That is because cats almost just know how to use the indoor litter box. All we have to do is show them where the litter box is and they will automatically go to it every time they have to use the bathroom. There’s no training required so MAJOR stress saver!Another example of how cats are better pets than dogs is the fact that we don’t have to play with them when they are bored. Cat’s can amuse themselves for endless hours by watching the birds play in the yard or chasing a shadow on the wall. Another example of how cats are better than dogs is because cars can reduce heart problems. A study showed that 1500 out of 4000 men and women between the ages 30-57 had less harmful heart diseases than the dog owners did.

Lastly our last reason cars are better than dogs, their smart. Study shows cars can hear and see better than dogs. On my own personal account, my cat Cheedu who is an bengal can open and close some doors depending on the handle and turn on and off the sink.

Also too quit you’re question “Is it depending on breed?” MY cat Nola who is an tabby understands her name veru well. If you say “Nola” shell come to you. Sooo as you can clearly see, the house cat is a much more convenient and better pet than the average dog and easier to look after. A cat will be able to bathe itself, it won’t need to take walks, it will be cautious, cats are smart, efficent, take care of and it won’t bark.



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