The sub-basin. The theoretical study of the

The project depicts
upon the water (hydro) management of Mangla Reservoir (Study area). It focuses
on the Geographical study of the network and annual working of reservoir and
its contributing rivers and canals. It also elaborates the extent of flooding
and land expensed in the process geographically. Flood analysis and its
management criteria is also a key focus of the project. The study of the water
containment limitation of the reservoir and contributing rivers and canals from
environmental prospect is the part of the project. The study requires hydrological
modeling and flood analysis of the study area. A hydrologic model is a simplification of a
real-world system (e.g., surface water, soil water, wetland, Groundwater) that
aids in understanding, predicting, and managing water resources. Both the flow
and quality of water are commonly studied using hydrologic models.


modeling requires working on Arc Map with Arc-Hydro tool and HEC-HMS software.
This requires the data of Digital Elevation Model of specified area, its Shape
file for preprocessing on Arc Map software and Satellite imagery of 10m (SPOT
imagery) if supervised classification on ERDAS imagine is required for curve
number generation for sub-basin. The theoretical study of the working of the
reservoir requires flow data (station data ) of contributing canals and rivers
in the reservoir from Water Resources Management, WRM (WAPDA House, Lahore) and
the data is termed as “System operation of Jehlum Chenab river system during
kharif season with minimum and maximum inflow forecast” and also the rule curve
data for past five years. The flood analysis of the reservoir and its
contributing rivers and canals requires working on HEC-RAS software but the
preprocessing is required on HEC-GeoRAS tool. Theoretical study of the flood
extent and management requires the study of ways of measuring the water content
in the reservoir and procedures, protocols to control it. This requires the
study of the spillway working also. The conclusion that provides the analysis
on working of the reservoir.

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It is very
beneficial for the following

In effective management and record keeping
of the water supply from contributing water networks to the reservoir and from
the reservoir to the related areas and this is very useful for WAPDA, IRSA and other water management

In the prediction of the potential
flooding and the .extent of its land coverage and keeping records for the Disaster management departments along
with research and development

It provides the information about the
live content, water inflow and loss which provides the idea about the general
limitations about reservoir water containment and the spillway to the engineering prospect.


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