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The standard of beauty in India has immensely placed significance to feminine beauty ideals.These ideas are developed by adolescents and young women, who are heavily impacted by the mass media. Women have been constantly bombarded by the media to reach the standard of beauty that is an epitome of prepossessing. From the past to the present, physical attractiveness is seen as a vital advantage.

Bollywood celebrities are known to be the mainstream role models of beauty. They have inspired many generations of females to enhance their natural looks. Cinema and advertisements have now played a crucial role in the advancement of one’s beauty standards. Present-day standards of beauty in India have also been inspired by Western ideals. Women have recently begun to pressure themselves to lighten their skin tones and to become more attractive in the eyes of themselves and others. There has been a certain stigma attached to not having light skin. Viewers are often promoted to self-hatred and lower self-esteem solely on the basis of their skin color. Electronic media has several times reported Bollywood celebrities becoming fairer all of a sudden.

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One could see a significant change in their complexions, from the time they began in the industry to this very present moment. When it is time for men to get a suitable mate, they prefer having fair and stunning women. If the woman doesn’t look appealing and light-toned, men will most likely not lean towards them. Societal pressures and even citizen journalists have encouraged unjust expectations of oneself.

Youngsters are especially susceptible to follow the path of unrealistic beauty standards.They expect to rapidly transform their natural beauties into something that is satisfying to look at. Majority of the citizens are unable to let go of their fair skin fetish. It has become a norm to equate dark skin to ugliness. In order to be praised and feel valued, consumers purchase massive beauty products to rectify any blemishes. In this day and age, the top priority is still given to females who are appealing to look at. Professions like sales, broadcasting journalism and an acting career are the vital cause of female transformation. It has now become one of the top priorities of women to get or maintain a fair complexion.

Young women for example are severely persuaded to put on sunscreen, in order to avoid getting tanned. The Indian community does not care about the other benefits of putting on sunscreen, they just hold value to the maintenance of fair skin. Beauty standards have been escalating with the passing of time. It has become pivotal to be well groomed. Products for the face and hair serve a purpose of enhancing one’s faulty marks. Goods and services promote the consumers to better care for their skin and hair.



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