The with a go-getting attitude to life,

The daily routine of an athlete typically involves exercise,
eat, sleep and repeat. Training, fitness exercises, jogging, swimming, cycling
etc are few of the sports activities that generally keep a sportsman busy all
the day. Whatever be the case, a sports watch is the constant factor in the
list of sports gear required by him. AM:PM, a remarkable watch brand, has
released a first-class sports watch –
Star Wars Men’s Watch with Analog Display, recently which is breaking the
news everywhere. Inspired by the one of the top American science-fiction
movies, Star Wars, the watch not only has a super cool look but also has some
stunning features. It is readily available on Amazon and is delivered to one’s
doorstep with no extra amount charged for its shipping.


The proud owner of the company said in a
press release about its brand, “AM:PM is freshness and freedom,
limitless inspiration, forms and colours. It’s authenticity, enthusiasm, and
curiosity. A temptation that’s hard to resist.
AM:PM’s thought-out style is supported by quality components and workmanship,
and all at highly competitive prices.The AM:PM range also features electronic
watches.Every AM:PM goes hand in hand with a go-getting attitude to life,
offering something for every occasion and every individual style. AM:PM watches
are available in women’s, men’s, unisex and kids’ models, including licensed
Disney and Star Wars ranges.”

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The possessor of this watch would be proud to
use it as his quest for a high-performance men’s sport watch will finally end
after buying this timepiece. One can rest assure that all his needs will be
fulfilled quite efficiently by this sports wrist wear. The most important
functions are the split-time and lap time stopwatch, 5sets of alarms and
chimes, pacer and countdown timer. It has a dual display system- analog and
digital, 12-24 hour format and white hands that are easily observable in the
dark. For those who have the habit of going to practice in the dark can buy
this wristwear without any hesitation as it is supported by black light that illuminates
the display at night or in the dark.


The dial and the strap of the watch have the
Iconic Stars Wars Darth Vader logo and name imprinted on them respectively. Hence,
one can think of gifting this special watch to his/her Star Wars maniac friend
or partner. This watch is further given a long-term manufacturer guarantee on
its every purchase, which implies if any imperfection or flaw is identified in
the product it will be replaced immediately by its authorized and official
retailer, Elixa.


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