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The competitive divisions prevailing in the world of commerce today require the corporation to manage their data as efficiently as possible. My education and work has infused in me an interest in this exciting field and prompted me to pursue a graduate degree in Business Administration. I have always had a natural inclination towards mathematics as a system of study ever since my school days. This desire accompanied by a keen interest in Business and Statistics was the driving force behind my decision to pursue the undergraduate degree in Bachelors of Commerce.

It introduced me to fundamentals of Business which included the courses like Business Economics, Principles of Business Management and Business Communication. Apart from the business, I learned Accounting and Statistics from courses like Financial and Cost Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Management Accounting, and Business Statistics. I was able to enhance my decision-making capabilities with Auditing and other management courses. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I enrolled myself in a one-year postgraduate diploma program in International Business and Finance. As a student, I was always interested in harnessing the diverse field of data for business excellence.

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I wanted to combine my skills with Data Management and Technology for better business solutions.  The MIB program is the perfect blend of business and technology courses. This program curriculum would give me the opportunity of working in a dynamic environment with the help of Global Rotation Program. The global rotation program will give me an international exposure by experiencing/living in three different countries and adapting each country’s diverse work culture which will help me out in making new global associations.With this course, I will be able to demonstrate decision making in structured and unstructured problem situations which will help me exhibit effective collaboration and leadership skills. I am confident that the program curriculum and the distinguished faculty would give me the opportunity of accomplishing in an intellectually challenging environment and prepare me for a career in Business Analytics.

I look forward to joining Hult International Business School as a graduate student in International Business (MIB).


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