The score in three: musical, special-visual and

The theory of multiple intelligence was developed in 1983 by Howard Gardner. He suggested that there are seven ways (intelligence) people understand the world. Although Gardner’s theory helped to make educational process in many schools more effective it was also heavily criticized by other scientists. They believed that the theory is based too much on Gardner’s intuition rather than on valid data.
According to Gardner every person possesses a wide range of abilities so he or she can be strong in several intelligences. Personally, I have the same score in three: musical, special-visual and bodily-kinesthetic. But I do not think my learning styles are connected to any of them. Instead my results perfectly demonstrate my hobbies which are drawing (spatial-visual), dancing (bodily-kinesthetic) and listening to music (musical). Judging by my experience in preparing for EGE I would say that I better understand information through written words, lectures, analyzing data and not with the help of sounds or movements.
While searching why my intelligences do not match my learning styles, I found out that it is not a rare occasion. According to even Howard Gardner agreed that intelligences and learning styles are not always the same thing. While the first represents intellectual abilities the second shows the way a person approaches a certain task. It means that combination of intelligences and learning styles is unique for every human being.
Taking into consideration all mentioned above I understand why I have got these results. It appears that I have chosen my hobbies according to my strong sides. But it does not mean that my career will be connected to either one of them. Vice versa I have chosen management because I want to develop my less strong intelligences.
All in all, I found Gardner’s multiple intelligences test very useful for learning more about myself. I will do it again in the future to see if the results change.


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