The system was the basis for what

The Ancient Romans have impacted our present-day society immensely. Although, their empire began as early as 753 BC it has affected many countries to this very day.

Their language, construction of various buildings, and democratic government was very influential even to this very day.    The Romans established language was Latin. While English has a plentiful amount of words that originate from the Latin language, it had a greater impact on eastern empires. The people of Italy, Spain, and many more countries depended on the Latin language. Even though the Latin language adopted its alphabet from the Greeks, the letters are structured very similarly into the shapes we know today. Rome was accountable for the expansion of the Latin language, which formed the principle for Western language, such as English. Latin is teached as a way for helping students better understand the English language. Latin roots form the basis of many day-to-day words.

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    Literature is an subject where Roman influence is remarkable. Roman authors often developed and built upon Greek writing. Many writers have been persuaded by the Romans. The most famous writer in Rome was Julius Caesar. The Roman procedure of making guidelines to follow had a big impact on modern democratic government political systems. During the era of the Roman Republic, lawmaking was a very bicameral activity.

The legislation was first passed by the comitia, or the assembly of the citizens.    The first law of code in the history of Rome was the Twelve tables. The Twelve table was a very important influence over Roman law. Roman law develop the division between public law in which the state is straight involved, such as with issues of treason and taxation, and private law, concerned with disputes between people. This system was the basis for what is now known in the West as Civil law. Roman law also influence the development of private International law.

Romans had indictments and jury trials, similar to today’s practices. Many defense techniques currently employed can also be traced back to Roman procedures.Modern society in Rome can be  described as infrastructure systems. Roman roads used three levels of substructure beneath paving stones, and a prescribed angle for the uplift of the road, allowing water from rain to drift off. 


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