The film is set in London, Switzerland,

The film isabout a secret agent, called Johnny English who is fired because he messed upan important mission Mozambique. As a result, he resides in a monastery ofTibet and tries by meditation, discipline and martial arts to overcome hisshame. When the British secret service finds out that an attack is planned onthe Chinese Premier, is Johnny English asked to come back to the headquartersMI-7 because a tipster only wants to talk with Johnny English. Johnny English foundout that the Group Vortex (consist of 3 men), the same men are that plans theattack. With his assistant Mr.

Tucker, he tries to prevent this attack.Three keypieces are needed to access a narcotic, which has played a large role inMozambique, and this will be again to the Chinese premier. The narcotic drugensures that the person who receives it, a few minutes does exactly what it issaid, and then he dies. So Vortex let someone else commit a murder, withoutgetting caught. English tries along with Tucker avoid narcotic drug is used,but he gets the drug accidentally self.

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Simon Ambrose makes a use of English,and gave the command to kill the Chinese premier. Thanksto the training from the Monks in Tibet, he can resist and even overcome the drugs. The Chinese premier is saved. SimonAmbrose flight, but after a wild Chase knows English his opponent at the lastminute to blow up. Because the adventure ends well it is concluded to Englishto elevate the Peerage again eventually, but this runs in the soup becauseEnglish looketh on the Queen for a rent murderess in disguise. He takes downher paw and beats her with a tray.

 The film isset in London, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Tibet. In London is the headquartersof the MI-7. Johnny English was recalled to the Head Office of the MI-7.

SimonAmbrose went to Switzerland to commit to the attack on the Chinese Premier.Johnny English and his assistant Mr. Tucker also went to Switzerland to preventthis.Director:Oliver Parker Main characters: Rowan Atkinson and Gillian Anderson Importantpeople: Rosamund Pike, Dominic West and Daniel Kaluuya. Johnny English Rebornis a British parody film from 2011, a comedy, but also an action movie 


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