The people who speak different languages can find

The use of English has been around for
hundreds of years dating back to British colonization. Nowadays, when English
is chosen as the method of communication between people from different language
backgrounds this is considered ‘English as a lingua franca’ (Seidlhofer, 2005). However, although being accepted by some
and disapproved by others, the idea of English is used as a global lingua
franca cannot be rejected (Barner-Rasmussen
& Aarnio, 2011; Seidlhofer, 2005). Having English as a lingua franca and as
a corporate common language can be a positive aspect in the workplace because
it can help prevent language barriers, miscommunications, and serve as a common
ground for language diversity.

            One of the simplest solutions to
overcoming language barriers is to implement a common corporate language in the
workplace in which all communication is reported as. MNCs usually decide to
adopt English as their corporate common language because of (1) its HQ is in an
Anglo-Saxon country and/or (2) English as a lingua franca has become a medium
of intercultural communication (Meierkord, 1996; Seidlhofer, 2005;).

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Although many companies have many non-native English speaking employees, English
facilitates both reporting between corporate HQ and subsidiaries, enhances the
information communicated between them and employees, and lastly, can prevent
language barriers and miscommunications if everything is communicated in the
same language (Feely & Harzing 2003).

English as a lingua franca in a workplace can serve as a common ground for
language diversity among the employees. A company that encourages language
diversity because they acknowledge their employees are from various backgrounds
can have its positive aspects as previously mentioned. However, there are
instances that communication between people who speak different languages can
find useful having English as a common ground because most ELF interactions and
verbal exchanges do not involve English native speakers but take place among ‘non-native’
speakers of English (Seidlhofer 2005). Using English
can facilitate conversations where miscommunication can arise but still provide
employees to use their own languages as well (Feely and Harzing 2003; Henderson


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