“The at “Diyatha Uyana-Battaramulla” & “Nugegoda”. They are

“The Colombo Roti Cafe” was founded by Mr.

Viraj Fernando & Mr. Chaminda Fonseka in 2015 focusing among the young community in the area. This is situated at No. 200 Flower Road, Colombo 07. Mr. Fernando & Mr.

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Fonseka, are managing the business with five staff. They also have three special private dining rooms for VIP customers. The Colombo Roti Café strives to bring the best possible food, service & ambience.

They are very concerning about their food quality, customer attraction & customer satisfaction.Considering the growth of the Colombo Roti Café now the management has decided to expand its outlets at “Diyatha Uyana-Battaramulla” & “Nugegoda”.  They are focusing additional services such as, take away & online ordering from these new outlets. Mainly management need of financial assistance to expand the business.

Secondly they need to stability the business management to support the expansion. Another thing they need is talented people in IT industry.Mr. Fonseka has his own building which has located at Nugegoda & them hoping to open a new outlet. Main challenge in the business is that there is no proper way to retention staff.

Other weaknesses are no proper effective inventory management, mainly focus on high class people, & lack of new technology based on the business. However, said weaknesses could be resolved by establishing a good management and by formulating a proper business strategy.With the strong demand for this variety of Roti’s, the business has the opportunity to grow.

But it will have to face stiff competition from the existing market leaders in the industry. There is a significant threat from new comers, since there are no major barriers to start a restaurant industry. As management consultants, we find that the proposed business expansion is viable with the financial assistance from a bank, new technology & innovation.

The business should recruit an experienced & specialized staff to address immediate issues and to proceed with the business expansion operation.


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