The capabilities and experience in my field.

The term cultural Fit can define the individual’s attitudes, values and beliefs being in line with the core values and culture of an organization. I have ever worked for a company in which mismatch became evident to me.

To avoid pressure and demands that could lead to occupational stress due to the mismatch I had to resolve the issue. First I had to write a letter directing it to my employer. The letter had the filled I applied my job for and my capabilities and experience in my field. I had also noted in the message that the current position that I was assigned was not relevant at all and I was afraid that I would not deliver as per the expectations of the company while in that particular post that I did not apply. I sat with my employer, and we resolved that since that was the only vacant position and for flexibility, I should undergo training that would help me work better in that position too.

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I endured the practice, and eventually, my employer was noting some improvements and competence as I continued working in that particular post. Finally, I adapted and started delivering the expectations of the company.


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