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Theteaching style of professor Silver was very different he had a conversationwith the students about different topics. The students used to get homework todo and in this course the homework tasks become case studies for the theoriesthat they develop in the classes. He is also helped by the fact that three ofhis students are involved in a project at their company to develop a way to cutproduct development time.

Throughoutthe book of critical chain the theory is developed, and different concepts ofproject management are covered. The inspiration for the critical chain comesfrom the “Theory of Constraints” (TOC), which is taught by another professor inproduction management. Theory of constraints identifies the bottleneck orconstraint, exploits it and then subordinates all other activities to thatbottleneck. The same concept is shown throughout the book to apply to projectmanagement as well on several levels. As mentioned above the teaching anddevelopment of the “Critical Chain” theory is the main story. The economyproblem almost makes the promotion of Rick impossible, but the new discoverieshe makes in the course and the support it gets from the industry, supports his”survival”.Thedifferent concepts in this book are:·        Thinktank: A group or an institution organised for intensive research and solving ofproblems, especially in the areas of technology, social or political strategy.·        BudgetOverruns: The amount by which the actual cost of a project exceeds its budget.

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·        TimeOverruns: Time overruns occur when projects or tasks within a project is notcompleted by the time the project plan specifies.·        BellCurved: Bell curve is the popular name for normal distribution. It is oftencalled the bell curve because the graph of its probability density resembles abell.·        PERT·        Criticalpath·        Ganttcharts·        Theoryof constraints:·        Projectbuffer·        Win-Win·        Feedingbuffers·        Resourcebuffers·        Vendormanagement


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