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The systematic pollution of water resources is one of the biggest hazards that humanity faces today.

The main objective of the proposed system is to ensure the supply of safe drinking water by monitoring the quality of water. The system involves the design and development of water quality monitoring system along with the notification to the user about the physiochemical parameters of industrial effluents. The parameters such as pH, turbidity, flow, temperature and dissolved oxygen are used to detect the amount of impurities that comes out of the industry. The measured values from the sensors are processed by the controller. When there is a deviation of water quality parameters from the pre-defined set of standard values, an alert message will be sent through the GSM and the solenoid valve will be closed with the help of a relay.

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The information about the values of sensors will be updated time-to-time with the help of internet of things. Thereby, the proposed system aids in preventing harmful pollutants entering the water resources and also ensure the availability of safe drinking water to everyone.


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